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4 Tips for Growing Your Startup's Customer Base
Thursday, 07 January 2021

During the first period of your startup's existence, you will encounter some difficulties. However, probably your biggest problem will be to increase your customer base. And even when you reach a certain number of customers, you have to do different things to keep them. The most important thing in the long run is to have a loyal customer base. Only that way your startup can grow more and more. And how to get started and what are the best things to do to get to the first few, read in the rest of the article.

1.Social media

You absolutely must not ignore the importance of social media if you want your startup to grow fast. This is practically the only way nowadays to increase brand awareness quickly and easily. You can take advantage of various free options offered by social networks to advertise. But since everyone knows about these free options, there is a chance that your brand will go unnoticed. That is why our advice is to try paid social media posts. While you certainly don’t need the extra expense when you start, put this on your priority list. This is the easiest way to reach your target audience and thus start growing your customer base.

2. SEO

Another thing you need to put on your priority list is search engine optimization. Along with social media, the most important thing is to be positioned high on the search. When someone searches your niche, they need to notice you easily. If you fail to position your website high, you will need too much time to reach a larger number of customers. Our recommendation is to outsource SEO to agencies that deal with this. That way you will save money, because as SEO experts from the seotastic agency say, it is a cheaper option than hiring people who will do it for you.

3. Customer support

Something that can quickly set you apart from the competition and thus bring you a large number of clients is good customer support. 9 out of 10 clients said that customer support is one of the most important things when deciding who to work with. So many problems often happen, from payment problems to shipment problems, but customers will have a much better understanding of this if they get quick and successful help from support. If they wait for days, it is very likely that they will never work with you again. So you need to invest in 24/7 customer support or at least have chat bot and live support which work every day for at least 12 hours so that they can help clients even from different time zones. If your customer support works only 8 hours and not on weekends, that is very bad for reputation of your startup.

4. Loyalty programs

You need to come up with different ways to reward customers who have bought from you. The more you give them discounts, various promotions and coupons, the more likely they are to come back to you. And in this way you build a loyal customer base. Not only will this bring you a regular inflow of money, but it will even increase it for you. People like to recommend it to family and friends when they are happy with a product or service. That way you get completely free advertising.


The competition today is huge and that is why there is almost no niche that you will easily break through and gain huge customer base. 10 years ago it was much easier, and today, no matter what you decide, you will have to do a lot to succeed. But do not give up easily, work hard and follow all the tips we have given you. They will certainly help you a lot.
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