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4 Tips to Bring in More Customers for Your Heating Business
Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Are you currently running a small local heating business? If so, you’re probably searching for ways to improve your company and attract more customers. After all, it could be the difference between your business failing or flourishing.

To help, here are four tips to enhance your heating business.

1. Offer more services than before

Even if you and your employees are experienced heating engineers, this does not necessarily mean you know everything about the industry. In fact, most professionals have gaps in their education on the subject.
This means one thing: you cannot provide every possible service for your customers.
The good news is this can be rectified fairly easily. A leading provider like Skills Training Group supplies a wide range of courses to enhance your skillset. Say you want to gain the necessary OFTEC certificates to be qualified for installing and maintaining oil boilers. This can be done with a quick four-day course, and suddenly you can start supplying more services than ever before.

2. Improve customer interactions

This doesn’t just mean face-to-face interactions. Obviously it’s essential that you are personable and understanding when directly interacting with customers about their heating issues, but don’t overlook your communication channels when they get in touch. For example, a potential customer isn’t going to appreciate it if you take a day to respond to their email.
Always make sure you’re prompt and professional in your communication. Furthermore, offer various ways for them to get in touch – such as telephone, email, and social media.

3. Google My Business

For any local company, Google My Business can be a game changer. For the uninitiated, GMB is a hub for your business that appears in relevant Google searches. It includes information such as your address, opening hours, and a short description of what you do. Most importantly, it is also home to reviews which your customers can leave for the general public to see.
First of all, it’s important that you claim your GMB page and flesh out the profile. Make sure all of the details are correct and your business shows up in the correct location on the map. Furthermore, try and encourage your customers to leave reviews of their experiences with your business. Letting them know how much their reviews could help your business will make them more likely to post one for your benefit. Plus you could always provide an incentive for their honest feedback.

4. Maximise your company website

Chances are you already have a website that represents your heating business. While this is a solid starting point, there are likely many ways in which you can improve your current online presence.
Here are a few points to keep in mind:
  • Utilise relevant local SEO keywords throughout your website content.
  • See if there are ways to make your website run faster.
  • Ensure all social media links are easy to find.
  • Don’t leave that blog section empty. Fill it up with relevant content where you can target valuable keywords.
  • Always keep your content up-to-date.
  • Use high-quality images and videos when applicable.
  • Incorporate positive customer testimonials.
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