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4 Ways Business Can Be Greener
Friday, 30 April 2021

There have been a huge number of changes happening in the average workplace over the last year or so, and it's hard not to notice it when you're right in the middle of all of these changes!

As the world recovers from the coronavirus pandemic and more businesses are calling employees back into the office, there are a few people who are calling for some of the changes we've seen to become permanent.

One of those changes is the improved environment and access to greener options during the pandemic.

Why Switch To Green?

It's not easy being green, as the famous UK TV show from the early 2000s said, but these days green technologies and green alternatives are popping up everywhere, making going greener a much easier achievement for most businesses.
Going greener is not only good for the environment but's it's good for PR too.
Companies that take a better attitude to social responsibility and the health of the environment are usually favored amongst the better talent and don't have as many issues with talent retention.
Here are four ways your company can go greener as you come back to the office.

Organize Your Trash Disposal Properly

Recycling, that's what this section is talking about.
It's no good now to just throw all of your trash into one can and hope that it will just go away and you don't have to think about it. Trash recycling is big business, but it's one of the easiest things for companies to manage within their offices by providing properly sectioned bins that are clear and easy for people to use.

Reduce Your Reliance On Paper

Some offices love paper, they will hand new starters boxes and boxes of paperwork to go through, and in truth, this is a huge waste of resources as well as money.
It's time your office went paperless by using e-signatures, laptops, tablets, and any other form of digital device that doesn't require the use of paper.
Devices like the reMarkable e-ink tablet are a great alternative to paper and leave your employees feeling like they're not missing out on that pen-to-paper feel.

Reduce Commuting Hours

During the pandemic, most office-based companies found ways to work from home, and now most employees are calling for that to be a permanent option.
Working from home permanently might not be something that you actually want to implement, but by allowing flexible start and finish times, and some level of remote working in your business, you'll reduce your commuting hours and contribution to congestion pollution.

Create A Green Task Force

Employees that feel empowered are employees that are likely to actually implement the changes you want to see.
This is why you need to set up a green task force in your office. Allow a select group of individuals to meet and discuss ways to improve the environment of your office and improve your business' attitude to eco-responsibility.
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