5 Benefits Of Using An Online Whiteboard When Working From Home
Monday, 14 December 2020

The vast majority of us are working from home these days. That is not particularly a problem if you're a one-man show, but if you're working in a team, it can be a little bit challenging to get on the same page with everyone. With that in mind, we've thought about what can we do to make working from home and cooperating better and we've come up with a simple answer – an online whiteboard. Don't believe us? Let's take a look at some of the benefits.

1. Improve Online Meetings

One of the most common ways of communicating between co-workers nowadays is through a video call. Now, if you're only talking that should be more than enough. But, what about if you have to share ideas or information? Screen sharing and can only get you so far. In instances where you need to collaborate, you need something more. That's where an online whiteboard comes into play. By using it, you allow for a whole team to be literally on the same page at all times. The whole team can interact in real-time which will significantly increase the productivity and efficiency of everyone involved.

2. Have A Vision Board

Even though it sounds like a stereotypical teenage girl project, vision boards can actually be very useful. The main advantage of the vision board, in this case, an online whiteboard, is the ability to put all of the information and the ideas about a certain project in one place. Not only will you have a visual representation of everything, which is a great way to stay motivated, but you will also be way more productive. How? You won't waste your time searching for content or information in various places. This is also very efficient when it comes to team projects. Everyone can focus on their personal tasks and simultaneously follow the development of the other team members. Which brings us to our next item…

3. Have A Project Room

In many large companies, when a project is being taken on, more often than not, a whole room is covered with whiteboards containing all the relevant information about the project – individual tasks, goals, progress, ideas and so much more. The best thing about the digital version of the project room? It's always accessible and it's virtually endless. You and your colleagues can add as much information as you want without any worries. You can add all kinds of elements like text, photos and even videos.

4. Create Presentations

If you're trying to pitch an idea to your client, it's best to do so with a presentation. Now, PowerPoint has been everyone's go-to program for quite some time, but, it's finally time for an upgrade. With all the abilities and tools an online whiteboard has to offer, you can make brilliant presentations for your meeting with the client. And given the fact that this is an interactive service, you can easily explain every step of the project to your client without any troubles.

5. Brainstorming With The Team

Everything begins with an idea. Getting with your team and brainstorming new ideas can be extremely significant for any business. A weekly meeting where everyone would write down their idea on a digital sticky note can be a great way to improve any aspect of the business. Everyone's idea will be right in the open and you can have an open discussion about it and see whether it's a good one or should you continue brainstorming.
As it was evident, there are many benefits to using an online whiteboard whether you work alone or in a team. Writing stuff down or creating any kind of a visual reminder or a guide is good for you, it just so happens that now you can do it from your computer. You can even doodle or scribble to relax if you're feeling stressed from all the work you've been doing lately. However, you choose to use it – it will probably benefit you in some way.


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