5 Ways to Go Digital in 2021
Sunday, 09 May 2021

The pandemic has been an eye-opener. With all the famous squares and tourist attractions, and food places in lockdown, we have experienced the start of a new era.

The world was already changing before the remarkable turn of events. The digital revolution world had engulfed the world before the pandemic. Experts predicted the rise of technology and it taking over all aspects of our life.

The pandemic only acted as a catalyst to this change. With all the essential services inaccessible, the internet and online activity skyrocketed. People turned digital. What people could not do in real life during the lockdown, they tried doing it online.

It was not only games, memes, and fun that people indulged in. Some necessities also turned digital. People working from home and drones delivering pizzas are some examples.
These new behavior patterns will last long. Now that the world is returning to normal after the vaccination drive, it is essential to know what habits we should cling to that we learned during the pandemic.
This article discusses some lifestyle tips and key takeaways to help you catch up with the changing world.

Work from Home: the New Norm

For many people before the pandemic, home and work are poles apart.
However, the lockdown forced people to sit at home. Corporations and varsities around the world explored the opportunities of digitalization to work from home.
Work from home is synonymous with spending time on the internet online. Zoom calls instead of meetings and classes became the new norm.
Surveys predict that more than 20-30% of people will work from home multiple days a week.
With the new "Work from home" regime now wholly established, it is, therefore, necessary that you must catch up with the changing world. Learn to use the internet wisely and productively.

Online Mental Health Help

Mental Health is a thing.
The lockdown was not a pleasant surprise. It had a toll on mental and physical health. Staying indoors and forced to sit at home doing almost nothing was bound to affect mental and physical health.
It is not easy to stay indoors 24/7. Feeling mentally unwell and physically drained was a common complaint.
However, like many other things, people have found their way around health issues too. Luckily there are many platforms online that provide mental health help and provide guidance.
In case of physical injury or need of medications, online pharmacies like 90-Day Meds are a great help. They guide you, prescribe you the best medicine, and deliver it to your door. So you do not risk your health by going out.

Investing in Crypto Currencies

Cryptocurrencies or digital money is dubbed as the future of finance by many experts and enthusiasts.
The lockdown saw a surge in people using and investing in cryptocurrencies. With the ever-increasing market capitalization of these currencies and corporations like Tesla accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, it is wise to invest in cryptocurrencies.
Do not jump right in. It may seem appealing to invest in digital currencies, and some may not resist the urge. However, research and study well before you dig deep into it.

Freelance Work

Working from home on your current job or taking online classes leaves much free room and time in the day.
The best thing is to utilize this time wisely to make the best out of it.
There are several things you can do to earn an extra living working online. You can sell your skills as a freelancer online. Creating a blog, extending services in web development and graphics designing are the most popular jobs. It will boost your income and enhance your performance.

Tell Your Story Online

Loneliness was the leading cause of stress in the pandemic.
It is second to human nature to want someone to hear us out when we feel down. Some people enjoy opening up to new people. Internet is an excellent source of connecting with strangers and like-minded people.
The online space is more tolerant than people think. Start a blog, a YouTube channel, a TikTok account, or an Instagram photography page. Tell your story online and put it out there. You will amaze yourself at how many people relate to your story and take inspiration.
Telling your story and connecting with people online is an excellent source of happiness. It can cure your loneliness and give you new dimensions to think about.


The world is not the same place after the pandemic. It has changed a lot. Therefore, we must catch up by making some lifestyle adjustments. The pandemic catalyzed the digital revolution, and we must take our pie. These were some valuable ways to enhance our performance and increase productivity. Good luck!
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