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9 Unique Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Parents
Saturday, 16 November 2019

 The advantages of working on your own home form a long list, but for parents, it is especially compelling. Working at home allows you to be with your kids most of the time. However, there are only a few jobs that will enable you to work from home. That leaves you with the option of starting a business of your own in your house.

 Technical Business

With the current fast-paced technology, you do not need to go to the office to run a professional business of your own. Even at home, you can be an app developer, web designer, social media manager, graphic designer, and printer.

Selling Online

The business of buying and selling on eBay can be mysterious and challenging. However, doing a little bit of research can go a long way. Mainly, online business is about finding and purchasing a bulk of items for a low price and selling them for a higher price. If you get into it, you can sell as much as hundreds of articles a day. This business can get you a significant profit especially if you know a wholesaler that can get you the best deals on different items. You can also resell things like top-rated mouse killing products.

Offering Childcare

The main reason that you are staying at home for work is to take care of your kids. While you are already doing that, why not add a bit more? Offering childcare is one of the most natural things you can do while you are at home. All you have to do is pass certain checks that will allow you to operate the business legally. You can start by inviting working moms to leave their kids with you and watch over them while they are working during the day. You can also pick up other children from their school and take care of them until their parents pick them up from your place.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Being at home should not get in your way of getting a real job. Virtual Assistants are becoming a more popular choice since it is a wise way for a business to save money by outsourcing. Some of the things that you could be doing are organizing bookings and schedules, responding to emails, and taking calls. Other responsibilities also include organizing travel and ordering gifts. Most of your clients will be sole traders or freelancers. You can also try being an assistant to many so that your earnings will increase.

Making Your Products

Do you have any skills that you can use to make sales? Think of products that you can manufacture by yourself and consider if you can start selling them. The longer you make it, the higher the price can be. Some of the ideas for this are clothes, toys, pastries, baked goods, birthday or wedding favors, paintings, and other artworks.

Opening a Blog

Blogging is now taking its place as one of the most profitable enterprises. If you put enough time and effort, you can make a fortune since Mommy blogging is at an all-time high. You can earn cash by placing different ads on your website or writing about sponsored content. You can also sell ebooks and other resources to your audience. Sometimes, you can get gifts from your partner brands. If your audience is broad enough, you can also earn free days out.

Repairing Business

Most successful repair businesses started in someone’s home. If you have the skill for it, you can begin a repairing company that can specialize from repairing things like engine and car up to smaller ones like shoes and tennis rackets.

Becoming an Online Tutor

Another profitable home-based business is becoming a tutor. Although some people still prefer meeting their tutor personally, the internet has helped turn this job into an online thing. If you want to try this out, focus on the areas that you are experienced in. If you are a native English speaker, you can use it to your advantage and become a foreign language tutor. That way, your skills can become profitable.

Starting an Alteration Company

If you are good at sewing or if you own a sewing machine, you can try building a business that specializes in altering clothes.  Many people seek alteration services in adjusting their formal wear to better fit them. Although it is a good business at any time of the year, spring and summer are busy seasons. The reason for this is the abundance of events that require formal wear such as graduations, weddings, and prom.
Staying inside your home should not be a hindrance for you to become a successful entrepreneur. There are many business ideas out there that will allow you to take care of your kids while you are earning cash.
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