Essential Productivity Features to Look For in a Del Mar Office Space
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Del Mar, a beach city in California, is beautiful, vibrant and an attractive location for businesses. Home to brands like Qualcomm, it offers massive opportunities to new as well as existing businesses in the area. If you plan to set up or relocate your business in Del Mar, then one of the most exciting parts would be choosing and designing the office location. The key is to find a Del Mar office space decked with features to improve your team's morale and productivity.

Indeed, your workplace's design can significantly affect your employees negatively or positively, depending on the office choice you make. Minor differences in your office structure, aesthetics, and layout can potentially make your team members stay longer and work harder. So, here are a few essential productivity features worth considering in your office space in Del Mar.


Del Mar is home to some of the most dominant brands: Salk Institute, Intuit, Apple, and more. The Del Mar office space you choose must adequately convey your company's branding. Displaying the brand makes a good impression for both employees and clients while keeping your employees aligned towards a single vision.
To add your branding to the workplace, you can choose unusual furniture, colorful walls, and posters of your brand values. These promote ideas of ambition, wellness, teamwork, and focus in your workplace to influence your workforce.

Open Space

Open space in your office affects how your team members work collaboratively or individually. For any business, working in collaboration increases productivity. If your office has wider and bigger spaces with limited walls and partitions, they make better spaces for working in collaboration. It allows your team members to stay in contact with each other, promoting warmth and transparency.
Particularly in a place like Del Mar that has a top livability score of 82 out of 100, it’s essential to invest in a workplace with collaborative work features that will boost employee productivity.


Including the correct type of lighting in your workplace is of the essence. An office space that allows maximum natural light to enter inside creates an ideal environment for increased productivity. Natural light can stimulate natural cycles in your employees' bodies and keep them focused and alert for their tasks.
It’s best to have operable windows that can allow natural light to soak in the bright light conditions of the coastal city of Del Mar.
Besides, intense 'blue' light keeps your team working hard. Dim lights are meant to help them relax, while spotlights effectively highlight critical features of your workplace. So, ensure that your Del Mar office space makes the best use of both natural light and artificial light.


Installing ergonomically designed furniture is quite essential for your workers. Comfortable furniture supports your employees' activities, keeps them in good posture, and helps them focus more. Such furniture also reduces workers' chances of injuries and pain, thus keeping them healthy and productive for long.


Even if you prefer an open office layout, you will still need some rooms for private cabins, various departments, restrooms, meeting rooms, etc. There should be a difference in their designs while still staying parts of the same workplace. This way, if you have clients visiting your office, you can conduct meetings in these closed cabins.

Plant Life

Home to the majestic Torrey Pine, the coastal environment of Del Mar provides a conducive atmosphere for plant life to thrive. Everyone happens to love plants. It’s not surprising to learn that workplaces featuring plants tend to have increased productivity and morale. The key is to position them in the right places. Some plants are suitable for the entrance, while some should be kept in clear view of the workspace.

Air Quality and Humidity

You might need to adjust your workplace's humidity and air quality as per your workers' comfort level. It can play an essential role in eliciting productive results from your workers. Installing a dehumidifier or humidifier can make your office space much more comfortable and bearable.
Getting an air filter can lead to fresh air in your office with no allergy-inducing components. It's best to look for HVAC systems that enable greater air circulation, especially during the current pandemic times, that calls for a safe environment to keep the viruses at bay.


Del Mar has a Mediterranean subtropical climate with dry and warm summers and humid and mild winters. It's common for employees to fight over the office temperature, as some may prefer low temperatures while others may want to turn it up. Since every worker's body requires different temperatures, you have to find the perfect balance and comfort all.
Whichever office space you choose, the key to maximizing productivity is to be adaptable and keep up with your workers’ requirements, preferences, and comfort in mind. Thus, look for a suitable Del Mar office space with all your preferred features to provide a productive working environment to your employees.
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