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Facebook Ads for E-commerce Businesses Best Practices
Wednesday, 15 May 2019

 Being the largest social media platform, Facebook is undoubtedly the best social network for Ads. Using properly targeted advertisements on Facebook is very helpful for all e-commerce businesses. Those not running Facebook Ads currently are certainly missing out on a lot of opportunities. 

 Whatever social media-marketing channel you are using, any e-commerce business needs to make more conversions to meet target sales, increase returning customers and increase relevant traffic to their websites. Facebook is an excellent way of doing this, especially if you capitalize on Ads. 

Well, that said, check out the following Facebook Ads best practices for e-commerce businesses. 

Make Use of Multi-Product Ads 

From the name, these best practices involve using several product ads that will enable you to showcase multiple products at the same time on Facebook. Taking advantage of these Ads is beneficial in various ways. For starters, it helps boost conversions as the more products a potential customer sees, the more chances that he/she will click on the Ad. 

Multiple product Ads also gives more options to Facebook users and can be used to showcase several features of a product. Just to prove this strategy works, companies that used this technique reported a 300% increase in click-through rates. However, note that not all companies that use multiple product Ads on Facebook can experience this increased CTR. There are many other factors, including the style and size of your Facebook Ad to be considered. 

Run Customer Retargeting Campaigns 

If your store has been up and running for a while, you definitely know that most potential customers leave their carts without completing their purchasing process. Just to mention, 72% of online shoppers abandon their carts. This doesn’t need much interpretation to understand that it is a huge number. 
Surprisingly, only 8% of customers who abandon their carts come back. Such statistics indicate how e-commerce business miss a lot of opportunities, especially since these customers have already expressed their interest in making a purchase. The big question remains, how will businesses get them back?
This is where our second best practice comes in. All e-commerce businesses should run retargeting campaigns. Running effective retargeting campaigns have a 25% chance of getting interested customers back. Well, this isn’t a huge number compared to those abandoned carts, but a significant proportion. 
Using retargeting campaigns makes a lot of sense. For sure, if you spend a lot of time and money targeting new people who haven’t shown any interest in your products, retargeting already interested customers should be worth the effort. They won’t be as hard to convince as you think. Use coupons, discounts and enticing offers to lure them. 

Use a Conversion Tracking Pixel 

If you don’t know what a conversion tracking pixel is and what it does, you are certainly missing out on a lot of great deals. This tool comes in handy for tracking the behaviour of those visiting your website. It enables e-commerce businesses to monitor the conversions they are receiving from Facebook advertising campaigns. 

Conversion tracking pixels can be used together with Facebook Ads to improve Ad campaign and target the right audience. By integrating this tool to your website’s checkout page, you can track data about the actions customers take after clicking on your Ads. Through this way, you can measure your website’s ROI accurately. 

It is prudent if you undertake this practice before running your Ad campaign. By doing this, you will be giving Facebook's algorithm enough time to understand the people you are dealing with and converting. 

Offer Discounts 

Offering discounts is a must-do step regardless of the social platform you are using with your Ads. Nobody doesn’t love discounts, and some who are not looking for your products may end up purchasing them just because of the discount offer. Create Ads that clearly outline your discount offers. 
Ensure that your discount offers won’t be disadvantageous to your e-commerce business in the long run. This is why it is advisable to offer introductory discounts for new products to your customers. By using this practice features on your Facebook Ads, you will be minimizing the gap between the discount offers and actual sales made. 

Customers won’t even have to stop browsing to check out your offer. Once a potential customer clicks on the Ad with an offer, they will get a code that they can use for the purchase. The other benefit of this best practice is that you can clearly see how many people have checked out your offer. This social proof is a good way to convince people to grab your offer.

Not All Your Ads Should Be Selling 

Despite your goal as an e-commerce business is to sell products, not all your Ads should be selling. Sometimes, it is good to give your customers a break. People often stay away from obvious advertisements as they get a lot of it online, which can be overwhelming. Therefore, sometimes, it is wise to post creative or informational stuff to make them more aware of your brand. 

If you aren't selling with your Ads, make it promotional. For instance, you can post about an event scheduled by your brand. Whatever you do, make sure that the Ad gets a real connection with your audience. If your brand promotes and sells clothes, arrange for a fashion show and promote it.

Use Ads to Tell Your Brand Story 

Despite its commercial appeal, Facebook is a social platform, and most people are there to connect rather than shopping. Well, this gives you a good opportunity to connect, establish and build a relationship with potential prospects. Thankfully, you can do this through ads. 

Creating a series of Ads conveying key brand messages instead of selling is proven to be effective. This is similar to using videos for marketing. 


The tips mentioned above are among the many ways you can capitalize on Facebook Ads for maximum benefits. Putting the tips above into practice will overly improve your chances of gaining more sales and increasing your ROI. Most e-commerce businesses give in just because their initial attempt wasn’t successful. 
However, this shouldn’t mean that you despair on using Facebook Ads to market your E-commerce business. It might take several months to find effective best practices for your Facebook Ads. Just remember that this is the largest social platform and as such, worth your time and money to try these tips out.
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