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Get Rid of That Junker! How to Sell Old Cars for Cash
Monday, 09 September 2019

 Do you have an old junk car that has seen better days? You might be surprised to learn that it's super easy to sell old cars for cash. Learn how here!


 Cars aren't built to last forever. This is a simple truth of life. 

Perhaps your car has been wrecked and is no longer drivable. Or you've simply driven the wheels off of it. Or it's been parked out back collecting rust for a few years. Whatever the case, it's not doing anyone any good just sitting there.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to sell old cars for cash. This article takes a look at the most common ways for making fast money from a car that no longer runs. Keep reading to learn the details.

1. Get Help From Family and Friends

The fastest way to find a buyer for your junk car is through family and friends. After all, most people have a network of personal relationships that can help spread the word about the item you're wanting to sell.

2. eBay

When it comes to selling items online, eBay remains one of the most popular and powerful ways of getting it seen by millions of eyeballs. 

The key to selling a car on eBay is to create a listing that is visually appealing and informative. You'll need high-quality photos and include a description of the item that is as detailed and honest as possible.

eBay provides a number of great tools that can help attract potential buyers and make the transaction easy and efficient for both buyer and seller.
3. Social Media

It should come as no surprise that social media is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool ever created. It allows you to engage with people from around the world in real-time, making it ideal for attracting attention to the car you're wanting to sell.

The key to selling on social media is to decide which platform is most appropriate for your item and then placing it in the feed of your target audience. 

4. Craigslist

Craigslist is much like creating a traditional classified ad. In fact, Craigslist is essentially a huge digital classified section from your local newspaper. As with eBay or a traditional classified ad, you'll need a good photo of the car, as well as a clear and detailed description. Also, be sure to include contact information such as your phone number and email address.

5. Junk Car Buyers

Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to sell junk car fast is through junk car buyers. These are companies who offer cash for your old ride, and most will even haul it away for you.

The process is simple. Call the junk car buyer, get an offer, then schedule them to pick it up. They will give you a check and take the car away. It's an easy way to make easy money.

Easy Ways to Sell Old Cars for Cash

Sometimes you need money fast. Perhaps to pay bills, or just for walking around money.Whatever the reason, learning to sell old cars for cash can be a great solution. 

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