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Going To Study In Colombia? These money-saving tips Will Come in Handy
Wednesday, 04 December 2019

 Moving to an entirely new country and culture that is far different than yours can be an experience that you’ve always dreamt about. When the opportunity like this comes to you or when you get accepted by a university abroad you might become over-excited and might feel butterflies in your stomach. It would be a true moment of joy. And when you reach your destination, everything may seem perfect but as you start doing the daily grind, things can become difficult. There can be problems related to the difference in cultures as Colombia has deep culture grounds. You can also have difficulty in finding your way around the new city with the fear of money disappearing from your hands. 

 Money will be the main staple for you to survive and move around in a foreign country. And you’d also need some to be able to go out with friends and socialize. To avoid overspending in the new city, you can try the below-listed easy-to-carry out methods when residing abroad.

Calculate Costs

Relishing luxury accommodation and exotic restaurants after moving to a different place is for some. For the majority of us, calculating the expenses on every single thing and budgeting accordingly is a must to save money in a foreign country. These expenses can be of tuition, rent, transportation, food, shopping and night out with friends. 

As you’re reading this article, you may also come in the category of people who need to budget. You can make a list of the costs as mentioned earlier or any others you can come across. The benefit it will offer is that you can know what overheads needed to be prioritized and which will have lesser importance and can prepare a saving plan based on them.

Learn the Ways of the City

The city you decide on settling in Colombia will have its cultural differences. By learning your ways around the city, you can save up on cash. As you befriend some people from your class you can ask them about their techniques of saving money around the city. Look for transportation methods that are cheap like bikes or buses than expensive taxis. Try various dishes in restaurants that are relishing and economical to have daily. A combo meal that is widely consumed in most cities in Colombia called Menu Del Dia is fulfilling and not costly either. As for cloth shopping, you can look around or ask your friends about low-cost brands. There can be a market system in the city you live as many cities in Colombia do. There you can bargain and get fruits, vegetables and other groceries for lesser than in superstores. 

Earn Discounts and Student Perks

Student discounts are available on many activities in Colombia, including in clubs, movie theaters, restaurants, for transportation and much more. You can take out your student card out and demonstrate it at the counter, and you’re all set. Note down when different restaurants have discounts to go out with friends and have fun while saving money. 

Going to banks or ATMs to receive money can be an expensive thing for both you and your family. Instead, you can ask your parents who will be sending money to Colombia to use different ways like international exchanges or apps. Or you can ask them to try a system called cash pickup by which you can receive cash in a few minutes after it is sent to you. For making calls to your family, always try it utilizing the internet than purchasing pricey phone plans.

‘DIY’ Most Tasks

When you set your mind on saving money to spend on future expenses, then you’re ready to do anything to achieve it. You can try and do some chores at home that can save you money including cooking for yourself. Cooking at home can you save you a lot of money as groceries are not expensive in Colombia and your health will also not be subjected. Other than that, you can do your own cleaning and washing than paying for laundry every week.
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