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How The Customer Is Becoming More Powerful Than Ever
Friday, 29 January 2021

Once upon a time, the customer was always right. Somewhere along the way, though, that message got a little lost and standards of customer service began to slip. Today, the customer has started to demand better and businesses had better take heed.

We now live in a world where, when a customer is considering parting with their cash, they demand instant answers, impeccable service, and delivery on a business’s promises. Fall short, and they will move on to the next business that can provide all of those things.

Taking the power back

It used to be that when a business had a monopoly in their area or held the majority of the market share in a particular product or service, they didn’t need to concern themselves so much with keeping the customers happy. Where else were they going to go if they needed what their business offered?
Now, finding another company that sells the same products or provides the same service is but a mouse-click away. Choices have opened up for customers, and they know it. Businesses upset them at their peril because once they find a business that offers the user experience they are looking for, they will stick with them.
Customers also have the option to make their bad experience with a business go public very quickly and very easily through online reviews and even the company’s own social media channels. Messing up with one customer could very likely mean losing more than just their custom.

Better businesses

All of this puts customers back in control, meaning businesses are doing all they can to offer the best possible customer experience (CX).
A priority is to clearly set out what to expect, such as product quality, expected delivery times, returns policy, and how you can get in touch.
Customer services are getting better, using artificial intelligence to provide answers instantly and streamline systems so if you do need to speak to someone, you get dealt with promptly.
Collecting information such as customer feedback, product reviews, and shopping habits are all becoming increasingly important. By reviewing what is and isn’t working, businesses can further improve their services. Companies such as happitu have developed software to record CX insights, making it easier for businesses to collate and analyze this data.
Offering a personalized service is another way businesses are trying to keep customers happy too. This builds a relationship and over time builds trust and loyalty. Think of it like the hair salon you have gone to for years – you get greeted by name at the door, they know you and your style, so when you are in the mood for a change, they can make suggestions to suit you. If you’re a regular, you might even get rewards and special treatment.
In some ways, businesses might feel like it just got even harder to get customers to part with their hard-earned cash, but with improved customer service, perhaps it actually just got easier?
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