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How to Ensure Your Annual Board Meeting Goes Off Without a Hitch
Thursday, 22 March 2018

The annual board meeting is something that can usually cause a fair amount of stress for those involved with organizing the details and presenting the material. Typically, there is a lot of very important information to cover, usually in a specified amount of time. Making sure it runs smoothly is imperative so that the focus can be on the content, rather than issues that pop up with the presentation itself.

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If you’re in the beginning stages of putting together this year’s meeting and you want to do all you can to make sure it goes off without a hitch, then you’re going to want to read on and check out these helpful tips.

Bring in the Audio Visual Professionals

One of the most common things that can go wrong in a board meeting is that the audio visual presentation doesn’t work as it is meant to. Everyone has experienced it as some point or another, either as the presenter or an audience member. The equipment doesn’t turn on or display the content, the sound may not work, or things are out of focus. In the end it ends up detracting from the presentation rather than adding to it.

To ensure this doesn’t happen at your next board meeting it’s a good idea to bring in the professionals to supply the AV equipment. Companies such as Blitz will work with you to put together a presentation that hits all the key points and is engaging to the audience at the same time.

Pick the Right Location

It's also important you give thought to the location for the meeting. Sometimes the office boardroom just doesn't cut it. It may be too small, it may not offer the facilities you need, or it may not be in a convenient location for board members coming from out of town. If that's the case you'll want to make sure you give yourself enough time to check out rental space and book a spot.

Put Together an Agenda and Circulate It in Advance

The next tip will help everyone to get on the same page and prepare for the meeting. An agenda should be put together as early as possible and then circulated to all those who will be attending. The agenda should outline what will be discussed in the board meeting. What this does is give board members a chance to look it over and jot down any questions and comments they may have. There shouldn't be any last minute surprises at the board meeting - you'll want to stick to the agenda.

Make Sure You Have a Strong Close

The board meeting should always end with a strong motivational close. It's a good idea to circle back to your original vision that you started out the meeting with. Hammer home the points that have been covered and leave board members with a vision for the future.

Look at the Meeting as an Opportunity Rather than a Stressful Task

Your annual board meeting can act as the perfect opportunity to engage with board members, ensure everyone is on the same page, and really move forward with renewed inspiration and conviction. Following these tips will help to ensure all of this is possible and that there are no issues that pop up in the meeting.

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