We all have features we want our men to possess. For some of us, it is the popular tall, dark and handsome man that we want while others might prefer blonde-haired and blue-eyed men.Meeting people whose features is a match with our personal choices can be quite daunting. Most times, we find tall and dark but not so handsome, and other times, we find handsome and tall but not dark at all. Finding people whose features are the same with the features of the type of man you'd like can be challenging but even more difficult than that is knowing where to meet them.


All ladies have their preferences, and some of the ladies prefer to be with a rich man and would accept nothing less. Meeting rich men isn't as easy as meeting a barista at your favorite Starbucks shop. Considering that most rich men don't hang out at places that other people do, it isn't so easy to meet them. Where exactly can these women meet rich men?

Continue reading to find out 9 ways to meet rich men.

1. Big Parties

Where else would you meet rich men if not at parties organized for them? Attend big parties that have essential guests on their guest list. You have a higher chance of meeting a rich and single man when you attend parties affiliated with the entertainment industry.

Movie premieres, fancy Hollywood parties, and after-parties are the types of big parties you should try to attend. Be sure the man you've set your eyes on is an actor and not just pretending to be one.

2. Top of the Line Golf Courses

Let's be honest; golf is one of the sports that privileged people play. If you can't meet them on your turf, meet them on their turf. If you want to meet rich men, make it a point to pay a visit to any one of the top golf courses around you.

It's possible you'll hit jackpot on your lucky day. The memberships to these golf courses are quite expensive, and if you can afford it for even a day, then it could be worth it. Better still you could tag along with a wealthy friend of yours.

3. Sports Bar

Sports is something that almost every man enjoys and on a good day, you can find several men sitting around shouting at the TV and drinking beer. Don't worry so hard about where to meet rich men; just visit top quality sports bars. Rich and single young men who enjoy sports would most likely be spending their nights there. Strike up a conversation and take it up from there.

4. Visit Luxury Spas

After a long day at work, a massage sounds like a gift from heaven, and if you're rich, you can afford it almost as much as you want. Book yourself a massage session. You'd be getting two things for the price of one, a great massage and the potential of meeting a rich man. Although the pickings here aren't that much, you can always find someone in a relaxed mode and ready to mingle.

5. Attend Charity Events

Charity events are hosted by none other than the rich who have a lot to donate to whatever the cause of the moment is. Charity events draw everyone who can afford the $500 plate of food as everyone is trying to show how generous they can be. Everyone who is anyone in society shows up at charity events to spend money, look dashing, and try to look richer than the next person. Looking for where to meet rich men? Try an upcoming charity event around your area; you could find the one. There are a dozen and one rich people attending charity events, and you have a higher chance of meeting someone you fancy.

6. Visit Millionaire Hangouts

There's a reason why certain security agencies send out agents to go undercover to learn more about criminals. To meet a rich man, you should try visiting the spots where they usually hang out. While doing this, don't make it so obvious that you'll stand out as a creep. Just visit usual millionaire hangouts and have fun and while doing that, you just might meet the rich man you want.

7. Millionaire Match Making Services

There is a service provider for pretty much anything you need today, and finding a wealthy man isn't left out. There are matchmaking services that are geared towards pairing these rich men with young ladies. You could try to register with any of these agencies and wait for any pairings the system gives you. You get the chance of meeting a rich man who wants to form a relationship with someone who is looking for a partner.
8. Millionaires Dating services

Millionaire dating services are different from matchmaking services. While a system matches you up with a potential perfect match, millionaire dating services let you make a choice yourself. You get the chance to discuss with the man in question before deciding if you'd like to meet with them. Millionaire dating services are regular dating services only for millionaires.

9. Attend Auctions

Rich people always have costly personal indulgences, and most can be found at auction sites feeding that indulgence. Intricate artworks, paintings, and furniture pieces that have lasted five generations are some of the things they go for.

Make a point to visit one or two auction sites to see if you'll meet one or two rich men who may be interested in you. Although you're more likely to see agents or older people, you could hit the jackpot one day.

You don't have to worry about where to meet rich men anymore if your preferences run to them. All the places listed above are well visited by rich people and even celebrities. You could also check up other high-end spots where rich men usually prevent.
Good luck!


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