How to Stand Out as a Manager
Thursday, 24 December 2020

If you are a manager, the chances are you have already managed to stand out in your work. As you progress, however, expectations rise and your responsibilities deepen. Whether you want recognition, a promotion, or a pay rise, here are some ways you can stand out to both your employees and leaders at work.

Show up on Time, All the Time

Time management is especially important as a manager, and tardiness cannot be accepted. Of course, sometimes events cannot be avoided, like an accident on the motorway or a personal issue, but other than events out of your control, you should always enter work on time. Not only does it show organizational skills, but it also tells those around you that you are someone they can rely on.
If you aren’t on time each day, what’s stopping your employees from showing up late, too? As a manager, you are in a position of responsibility, so you must act professionally to inspire others to do the same.

Have an Education

While you don’t always need higher education to become a manager, it really does help. Not only will you gain valuable knowledge, but you’ll also gain respect from your peers. A masters in business management will teach you important skills for being the best manager you can be. Studying from home also means you can slot it in around your work so you don’t have to compromise your salary for your qualifications.

Listen Well

Many managers know they must be good speakers, but it is just as important to be a keen listener. Being in charge of a team doesn’t mean that all the ideas must come from you – you’ll find a lot of your staff have great recommendations.
Listening to both your superiors and your team will dramatically improve your reputation. You’ll become known as the manager who is willing to hear everyone, which means more people will be likely to come to you.

Accept When You Are Wrong

Not everybody has the ability to admit when they’re wrong, which makes it such a desirable trait. If an employee points out a mistake you have made, instead of trying to brush over it or tell them that they’re wrong, openly accept and admit to it. Everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes, and admitting to that shows humility.

Bring New Ideas to the Table

When you wanted to stand out for other managers, the chances are you were willing to come up with new ideas. Now you are a manager, it shouldn’t end there; the only difference is the way you think about ideas will come from a different perspective.
Depending on your ideas, you can either share them with your team or tell them to your superiors. If you are striving for a higher role in the future, then thinking like a leader will help prove that you are worthy when the time comes.

Have Empathy

Being the leader of a team takes more than communication skills and knowledge of the company; it also takes empathy. To manage a group of people, you must be able to see things from their perspective and adapt to that. Not everyone works in the same way, and sometimes personal problems get in the way, and you should have empathy for that without getting walked over. It’s a fragile balance, but once you master it, you will excel as a manager.

Trust Your Team

There is nothing worse than working for a manager who needs to control every tiny task. If you have assigned jobs to individuals, trust that they can get it done efficiently. Just let them know that they can come to you if they need your help! Your team are hired for a reason, and by allowing them to work freely, you will witness some of their best efforts.

Stay Positive

Staying positive, especially in a stressful and fast-paced environment, isn’t always easy. It is your responsibility as a manager to keep spirits high, however, so you should strive to stay as positive as possible. If something goes wrong, deal with it with a straight head rather than freaking out. There’s always something new to stress about, so learning to keep a calm temperance is essential to staying sane! Consider investing in some self-care and make sure you take time to relax on the weekends.

Solve Problems Head-On

Have you ever worked for a manager who pushes problems to the side? It only creates more stress for the whole team, so strive to be a manager who takes problems head-on and solves them as soon as possible. After all, ignoring it won’t make it go away!
If you feel you are swamped, then try to come up with a list system, and don’t be afraid to ask others for help. Learning prioritisation skills will help, too. The important thing is to make sure you listen to any issues and address them as soon as you possibly can.

Know Your Employees Well

The secret to fantastic management is understanding your team. Everybody works in their unique way, so it’s ignorant to assume that everyone will adhere to strict rules about working. By getting to know your employees, you’ll come to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and how they work best. Not only will you gain respect from your staff, but you will also have a better time delegating jobs and bringing out a higher performance in your team overall.

Grow Your Knowledge

Even if you have a higher education; even if you know plenty about the company, and even if you’ve worked there for years, there is still room for more knowledge. Commit to never-ending education by consistently researching the market, the company itself, and everything else there is to know about management. New strategies come out all the time, so you never really stop learning. One day, you’ll have an insurmountable amount of knowledge, and you can then pass it on to someone new.


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