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Life Hacks to Save Money
Sunday, 15 December 2019

Too often, you read about the same life hacks for saving money, and often they don't add up to much. At this point, everyone knows that an expensive daily coffee is a place where you can cut back. However, there are still plenty of life hacks that can help you make big changes in your budget and save a lot of money. The life hacks below require some planning and research, but the returns will be significant.

Make Savings Automatic

One of the best ways to save money is to make it impossible to spend it in the first place, and the most painless way to do this is to ensure that you don't have to do anything to save it. If your company offers a retirement plan, find out what the maximum is you can put away from each paycheck and aim to have that amount automatically deducted. On top of that, you may also be able to automatically have a certain amount of money placed in your savings account. You can also talk to your bank about where to put your money that is not in your emergency fund that will make it a little harder for you to spend impulsively.

Make Lists

It may sound boring, but you can save both time and money if you make a list before you go to the grocery store and stick to it. In the best-case scenario, your list will be drawn from the weekly meal plans that you are also making. If you aren't used to this kind of planning, it may take up some time at first, but eventually you will have a repertoire of meals that make this planning quick and easy. With a list, you also won't be tempted to pick up items just because they are on sale. The exception to this might be nonperishable items that you would buy anyway.

Refinance Student Loans

Student loans are a significant cost for many people, and a large part of that cost may be the interest rate. Many people do not realize they can refinance their student loans and get a lower interest rate. It is worth looking at a lender like Earnest and what they can offer. Lower interest rates will be available to people with better credit. If your credit is poor, it may be possible to get a better rate with a cosigner.

Shop Around

From your groceries to your prescriptions to your auto insurance bill and more, there are many other opportunities to save money if you shop around. You can save significantly on medications by getting generic prescriptions or by going to a different pharmacy. For example, you may not need a Costco membership to get prescriptions filled there. Similarly, you can save hundreds of dollars by calling around to different auto insurance companies. Some companies will offer bundled insurance, such as home and auto, for less than the individual plans. Finally, many people are surprised to learn that they can even shop around for less costly medical procedures.
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