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Make Money Blogging About Anything Anywhere
Saturday, 28 July 2018

What do you like to do? Where do you like to be? Would you like to afford to be able to do what you like where you like? Almost everyone would like to be in this situation, but most people don’t believe it’s possible. It is, but it isn’t always easy. Still, you can make money in so many different ways, in so many different places. One way of working anywhere that has changed the world is the internet. One of the many ways of making money online is blogging, and it can be be done just about anywhere about absolutely anything. Here’s how it works.

Start a Blog

This might be the most technical step, but so many people have done it there are hundreds of sets of instructions on how to make it happen. Instead of repeating that, here’s a tiny truncated version.

i Choose a name and get a domain
ii Choose a hosting company
iii Install Wordpress
iv Choose a Theme
v Install plugins to help

Seriously, that’s all there is to it, the rest is all (pretty simple) technical details. With so many people starting blogs every step along the way has been simplified and made as easy as possible by most companies you will deal with. But there’s a catch...

Find an Audience

With so many people starting blogs it can be tough to find an audience and hold it. There are blogs on so many subjects already that standing out from the crowd is hard. Some tips you’ll hear a lot are to find a particular niche and dig deep in it. Another is to answer questions or solve problems people have. The more useful your blog is to your audience, the more likely they will stick with you. Finding a specialization where you are a noted authority on the subject can help establish your blog as the place to go to talk on that subject.

While some of the most popular blog sites out there cover a wide variety of topics, most people getting started specialize. It’s very hard to go head to head with an already well established multi-topic site from the very beginning. Eventually you might be able to diversify and expand your blog to cover more ground, but it’s tough to start that way.

Provide Content

This really isn’t a second step after finding your audience, but more the most effective tactic to bring in readers. People come to blogs to read the information they provide, so you will have to provide that information, or content as it’s referred to. There’s a wide variety of content you can work with, but some is more effective than others. A great deal of content is text, short (or not so short) articles about various topics. But what should you be writing about?

There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there on this, and worse yet a lot of it seems to be accurate even though there are other opposing accurate views. Confused? Here’s an example: write short articles, write long articles. Readers seem to be more likely to read an article that isn’t too long, but long detailed articles provide more value and can bring readers back to your blog time after time.

Some common types of articles include ‘how tos’ or tutorials, ‘listicles’ (this is a catch all category for all those ‘top 5 ways’ or ‘7 easy steps’ titles you see), reviews, and comparisons (‘comparing the top 5 devices’). You might notice a lot of these seem to have numbers in the title. Readers like numbers, they give an indication about how long the story will be and limits the topic to a manageable size.

Another popular type of content is visual. Pictures, video, or infographics. You can use stock photo services to provide pictures, or you can take them yourself, but whatever you do, make sure they are high quality. You don’t need an expensive camera and years of experience to get good quality pictures, but you will likely need more than your smartphone camera and at least a little bit of training in the basics. The same goes for making your own video or creating your own graphics. The difference between a well-made graphic and something whipped up by an amateur in an hour is usually obvious. Spend the time to learn to do it right.


Now that you have a blog, an audience, and are providing valuable content, you need to know how to make money from it. The first method most people think of is advertising. But straightforward ads cluttering up your page are likely not the best way to bring in money. Consider affiliate programs, where you link to sites and make a small commission from each sale that comes through a link on your blog. You might even write sponsored blog posts where you are paid a fee to write about products by a certain company.

While there’s nothing wrong with writing sponsored posts, make sure you are clear and open about the fact they are sponsored. Readers can be put off by bloggers disguising the fact that they are being paid by the companies they are writing about. The same goes for reviews of items provided free from companies looking for reviewers. As long as you are honest about the source and are careful about choosing to review companies you support, they are related to your blog, and you give an unbiased review, your audience will be understanding.

Beyond these you can sell goods and services through your blog. One common idea is to write eBooks related to your blog topic and sell those. eBooks are great as the cost to produce more of them to sell is basically zero. There’s still a big investment in writing and editing them, but once you are done you can make as many as you like without any printing or shipping costs.

There are dozens more ways you can earn money from your blog once you have it started, but these should give you a good idea where to start and drive home the point that none of these require you to pick a specific kind of topic for your blog or to be in any certain location when you work on it. As long as you have a topic your audience is interested in and can reach the internet to post, there are no limits. So get out there and blog!
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