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Opportunities for Investors in the UAEOpportunities for Investors in the UAE
Monday, 23 March 2020

 The United Arab Emirates is probably one of the most welcoming countries for international businesses that attract investments from all over the world. 

Considering this fact, it is no wonder that there are numerous business setup consultants in UAE. But how do you define the most trusted and reliable of them? Don’t worry, we’ve already done that for you!

A Company to Satisfy All Your Needs
S.H Business Adviser provides consultation services for everyone willing to start a business in the UAE. However, the company’s main area of proficiency is not just consultations. The team of experts in taxation and economics from S.H Business Adviser is ready to assist you on every step of development of your business, from obtaining an operational license to receiving a residence permit in the UAE.
Benefits You Can Gain from Opening an Offshore Company in the UAE
Offshore companies are to be opened in one of the free economic zones of the UAE, and they cannot obtain permission to do business on the country’s territory. However, they still provide a lot of valuable advantages to their owners. To register offshore company in Dubai or other emirates, you do not need a local partner since the UAE laws permit such entities to have 100% foreign capitalization. You can also benefit from the stability of the local economy, which presupposes a certain extent of protection from economic crises.
Offshore companies in the UAE do not pay any income taxes, and they enjoy unlimited capital and profit exports. Besides, there is no requirement for annual audit reports for such organizations, which means you could save significantly on accounting. The UAE is not a member of OECD; hence, that your data is absolutely safe and confidential, and it would not be shared with anyone even in case of formal inquiry. As an owner of an offshore company, you would also enjoy the developed infrastructure and reasonable bank service prices of the UAE.
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