Renovating Your Office Space in the Post-COVID Era
Friday, 18 June 2021

As lockdown restrictions begin to cautiously ease following the coronavirus pandemic, you might be looking forward to welcoming back your workforce into the office, some of whom you may not have seen in person for over a year. However, with the transmission and infection rate of COVID still being a huge concern, it is more than likely that you will have to make certain changes to your office in order to ensure that it is COVID compliant and you and your staff can work safely without fear of transmitting the virus. Here are some tips for renovating your office space in the post-COVID era.

Add signage and floor graphics

With many establishments operating a one-way system to prevent people from passing unnecessarily in the corridor, it might be confusing for staff and visitors to know exactly where they should and shouldn’t go. Signage and floor graphics will let employees know where they should stand in order to maintain proper distance and demonstrate the right flow of traffic to avoid overcrowding in tight areas.

Rearrange and rethink your office furniture

If, prior to the pandemic, your office was a tight-knit, crowded environment, you will have to seriously reconsider your options before reopening to allow for adequate social distancing. This might involve reorganizing your office furniture to provide additional seating for employees whilst maintaining distance. Furthermore, you may want to invest in new office furniture made from easy-to-clean materials, such as glass or heavy-duty plastic, that can withstand regular cleaning and disinfecting to prevent any spread of the virus. An office design firm, like Source One Consulting, will be able to guide you in choosing the best covid-safe furniture and layouts for your office.

Add screen protectors and desk dividers

For additional protection and peace of mind, you could add desk dividers between desks and screen protectors in front of desks that regularly receive outside visitors, such as reception areas. These add an extra barrier against the virus. Find desk dividers and screen protectors that are made from durable plastic for ease of cleaning, and make sure that they are fully transparent to ensure that they do not impede vision for you and your staff.

Upgrade your air conditioning system

Your air conditioning does not only regulate the temperature of your office; it helps to clean the air and remove particles that could potentially be harmful to health. As such, it is your first line of defense against COVID in the workspace, and a poorly maintained air conditioning system could mean that you and your workforce and breathing in all sorts of pathogens. Clean and replace all your filters to ensure that your air conditioning system is working to maximum capacity, and continue to clean them on a regular basis, such as once a month. You might decide that now is the ideal time to upgrade your air conditioning system with a newer model for peace of mind that the air in your office is fully filtered.
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