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The Ins & Outs of Penny Stock Trading From Timothy Sykes
Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Many consider penny stock trading to be a scheme or scam that lesser-known traders and brokers make to rob investors of their hard-earned money in return for large exchange commissions. Although this fact has some merit, it has resulted in an overall bad rapport for penny stock trading in general overshadowing many of its more attractive features for investors.Brokers and traders that deal in penny stocks to do because of the large commission associated with the purchase and sale of shares. Also, the fact that these shares are cheap (less than $5 a share) and in most cases only worth pennies per share, they do not require large investments and can offer attractive returns if the company or stock gains upward momentum. 


Penny stocks have made some traders and investors become overnight millionaires as even small changes in stock value of the company can cause huge gains as the volume of shares normally purchases are quite high. These extravagant returns are the most enticing feature of penny stocks that attracts all types of investors and traders, especially, if there is a startup or company that is showing signs of exponential growth. 

If you are interested in trading penny stocks or simply seeking to learn more about this form of investment opportunity one of the sources available out there is Timothy Sykes. Considered by many as the penny stock whizzkid, Timothy Sykes is famous for investing his bar mitzvah money (given to him by his parents and relatives) a sum of $12,000 and change and converting it to millions from trading in penny stocks while still in University.

This extraordinary achievement has made Timothy Sykes a well-renowned name in the penny stock market who has managed to accumulate a large following of both students and investors/clients. Timothy Sykes now spends more time educating and training traders and investors alike on how to better read market conditions and analyze trends to reap bigger gains. 

The Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge is one of the most sought after courses for those interested in mastering the art of penny stock trading and has led to many success stories as the years have gone by.

What The Experts Have To Say
All the experts, even the most experienced traders, brokers, and investors understand the volatile and speculative nature of penny stock trading. This form of stock trading is risky and demands a safe and cautious attitude to make sustainable long-term returns. Learning this skill isn’t easy as it comes from experience, knowledge and a deep understanding of market conditions and economic outlooks. However, unlike most other investment opportunities penny stocks do tend to have maximum risk attached to them while at the same time offering the potential of exponential gains. This makes them an enticing and lucrative opportunity for those with limited investable funds that are seeking quick and substantial returns.
Experts like Timothy Sykes and others have made their livelihood by trading and investing in stocks and have devoted their lives mastering the skills required to make long-term sustainable profits through well-thought-out investments. Even then these experts exercise caution and are susceptible to be wrong just like anyone else. However, what differentiates them from the rest is their ability to respond quickly and ensure minimal losses on bad trades and maximum rewards on the good ones.
Those who have excelled at sticking to the principals and trusting their instincts have made fortunes investing in penny stocks and live extravagant lifestyles as a result. To get into this form of trading you require a sound and focused mind, discipline, patience and the ability to make quick decisions when needed that all come from training, practice, and knowledge.
Many credible blue-chip stockbrokers and investors will tell you that investing in penny stocks is like “investing in the garbage” but the truth is that somewhere early on in there career most of these top stockbrokers made their name in trading from the buying and selling of penny stocks. The volatile and speculative nature of penny stock trading is the best place to make sizeable returns if you understand the mechanics and nature of market conditions. The best brokers and traders have all likely dwindled in penny stock trading at some stage in their lives and have often found considerable success.
Tips & Tricks On Penny Stock Trading
If you are curious or intrigued by the potential of penny stocks as an investment opportunity here a few tips and tricks that will help you get started.
When investing in penny stocks always ensure that the money you are putting in is put a fraction of your investment portfolio. These are high-risk, high reward stocks, so it is always best not to invest everything you have in penny stocks or even half of it. Building a portfolio first is essential when it comes to investing. An investment portfolio is a mixture of both high-risk and low-risk investments that help you minimize losses and generate greater returns. Penny stocks should represent no more than 10% of your entire investment portfolio.
Another tip that can help make you a better trader is to always invest in penny stocks that are over the 50 cent mark. These tend to be a lot more reputable and information on such companies is more readily available than ones under the 50 cent per share mark.
Knowing how to comprehend financial reports and charts is also essential to become a wise and disciplined stock trader or investor. Analytics is everything when it comes to trading stocks so understanding the principals behind it from the experts themselves is vital to avoid rookie mistakes that can prove to be quite expensive.
At the end of the day, any investment is risky. It is a matter of balancing the risk versus the reward associated with each investment. Penny stocks can be a great addition to your investment portfolio if you plan to dedicate the time and energy to understanding its metrics and learning from the best.
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