Three Steps to Make Your Business Work Remotely
Friday, 18 December 2020

The traditional office is on its way out. While already costing a lot of money for companies in terms of renting space, the coronavirus pandemic has shown that a lot of businesses can work fully remotely.

Even some huge companies, such as Google and Facebook, have stated that, no matter what happens in 2021, they will offer their employees the chance to work from home up until the summer.
While it may seem on the outset a quite daunting task, it may provide fortuitous during today's uncertain times. Avoiding the need to spend lots of money on stationery, whiteboards, heating, electricity, and coffee, making a fully remote business can save you a lot in the long run. If you are looking to migrate your business to a fully remote platform, you will need to install a fair few different systems to make it a success. To help you make that next big move for your business, we have compiled three essential steps for making a remote business a success, as this list of sites have done it.

An Easy All-In-One Solution

If setting up all three of these different components of a remote business sounds like too much hard work, you can rest assured knowing that there are companies available that can help to combine this different software into one easy-to-use package. We would recommend getting in touch with Integrated Computer Services, a Florida-based company with plenty of experience working in this field: letting them do the hard work and leaving you to focus solely on growing your business.

File Sharing System

When a team is working together on the same project, they must have a shared work system that they can upload projects to and make them available to be seen and edited by every single member of the team. Programs such as Google Drive and SharePoint are great ideas, as they offer lots of space for any company, allowing projects to be worked on by multiple team members, often simultaneously.

Project Management System

Sharing files, however, is just the start, and needs to be combined with software that lets you know exactly who is working on what and when. That's why it's so important to use some project management system that allows you to coordinate work and achieve common goals. We would recommend some well-laid-out online program such as Asana.

Communication Systems

Traditional Monday morning meetings, with the whole team, sat in one office discussing their daily plans for the week, are out. Now you have to find a way to effectively communicate strategy and plans with your team despite many of them living in different places and even across different time zones. This is more than simply setting up a weekly or daily Zoom calls or having a good internal email system in place — it's about breeding quick solutions through chat software. That's why we recommend something like Slack or Facebook Workplace to be able to be on the same page while working on a joint project.
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