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Top Qualities of a Good Contractor: What Potential Clients Look For
Thursday, 26 August 2021

As a contractor, you can’t jump into the minds of potential clients to automatically know what they want or expect from a contractor, because no client is the same. But what you can do is perform quality work and do right by your clients to ensure they’re happy and satisfied with the work you’re doing.

We all know contractors need the appropriate training like getting a White Card Wollongong but what else are potential clients looking for? Ethics, communication, skills, and honesty are among some of the qualities a good contractor must possess in order to reach a high level of success with any project they may take on. So whether you’re new to the world of contract work or simply need a refresher, here are some of the top qualities that potential clients look for in good contractors. Make sure you possess these qualities.

Qualities That Make You a Good Contractor


After talking to a client about a project, a good contractor must be able to see the big picture and envision every detail of the project from start to finish. That’s not saying that the contractor will need to have the “vision” immediately, but they will need to be able to know whether or not they can take on the project and make a client’s vision a reality after hearing the project idea.


For any type of construction work, clients want to work with contractors who are experienced in the area they need contractor services in. So that means, they’re going to want to see proof of your experience. This could mean showing before and after pictures of previous work, this could mean providing a list of references, and even showing proof of proper licensing and insurance.
Now, just remember that with licensing, you have to get it in the state that you’ll be performing contract work in. So if you live in Arizona, you’re going to need to get your Arizona contractor’s license before you can take on any projects.


Clients look for integrity in contractors because they want to know they’re doing business with an honest company… and believe they’ll know when you’re being dishonest or unfair. Before a client chooses a contractor, they typically will call around to get estimates from at least three other contracting companies to compare prices and quality of work. So if you quote a potential client a price that’s way out of range in comparison to other local companies, they’ll know you’re trying to take advantage of them and will go with the more honest company.


Part of being able to envision a project idea that a client gives you is having the innovativeness to know how to effectively execute the project, and part of being able to execute a project is having the right tools in place… in other words, ensuring you have the right construction management software at your disposal.
This is important because having the right software is what’s going to help you paint the picture for your clients so they can see the same vision as you. Simply drawing on paper won’t do anymore… Construction software can actually present a 3-D building of how you plan to complete a project for your client, thus, instilling trust and confidence that you’ll be able to get the job done right.


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