United Car Care Reviews Buying a Car from the Modern Car Dealership: 3 Must-Know Tips
Thursday, 21 May 2020

Buying a new car is always an exciting event, especially if you can get a good deal. Learn little-known facts about how today’s car dealerships operate, and how buyers can get the best price for a used or new vehicle purchase.


Here, United Car Care - vehicle service contracts provider - reviews insider information for those interested in buying a used or new car.

1. Finalize Each Aspect of the Deal

Test drive and inspect the specific car you want to buy. Often dealerships will try to convince you to upgrade to a trim level or model with additional features that you don’t need. Taking the exact model you want to purchase for a spin will allow getting a feel for exactly what you want.

Walkout if the salesperson attempts to raise the price or manipulate the deal. You should feel fully confident in a price you are willing to walk away with and don’t settle for anything less. Take the lowest quotes you can find from different dealers and use them to help negotiate or gain leverage.

Focus on one item of the deal at a time. Have a negotiated price for the new car before you look at financing terms or agreeing on a price for a trade-in if applicable.

2. Avoid Extras if Possible

Cross out extras you have not agreed to pay for. Often, dealerships and salespeople will try to include features in a contract that aren’t needed on a vehicle. Some of these items include things like fabric protection, paint sealant, corrosion protection, and more.

Don’t buy an extended warranty unless consumer reports suggest it may be beneficial down the road. If a car is known to have a reliable history, purchasing an extended warranty is throwing money towards something that you may not need.

Calculate the cost of maintenance before signing up for a prepaid maintenance plan. Many dealerships are offering prepaid maintenance packages now that cover certain levels of service on the vehicle for a period of time. While it may be nice to not have to worry about out of pocket service costs for a couple of years, that amount is usually subject to interest in your financed loan amount.

Calculate the math on financing terms before agreeing to them. Often dealers find ways to sneak extras into the contract that reflects in the monthly payment; so, make sure that the math adds up to the amount you agreed upon.

3. Watch the Little Details

Don’t accept a vehicle if any additional work needs to be completed. If any repairs are needed on the vehicle or after-market accessories have been ordered, do not take receipt of the vehicle until items are completed.

Use a credit card for the down payment. Using a credit card gives you leverage to dispute the charge in the event the seller becomes solvent or closes before you can take ownership of the car. Make sure all forms are completed with no blanks before agreeing upon payment. Leaving blanks allows for the potential of dealerships to falsify information on applications and charge you more.

Be careful with payoff agreements on trade-in vehicles. Dealerships may find little ways to make an extra buck if you aren’t careful with the terms on trade-in vehicles. Make sure that you do not agree to be responsible for the extra interest on loan payments on the prior vehicle after you have signed a bill of sale. Also make sure that the dealer pays off your old loan promptly.

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