Wheel Installation in Houston by Expert Technicians
Thursday, 03 September 2020

 Potholes in the road can cause significant damage to vehicles, ranging from punctures to bent wheels and suspension damage.

 The annual cost of associated repairs of US drivers is estimated at $3 billion, according to a study by the American Automobile Association. Damaged wheels, if unnoticed and not repaired on time, can create problems in handing and controlling the vehicle, besides creating mechanical issues.

Regular servicing and thorough checking of your vehicle by a center for custom wheels service in Houston can help identify a bent or damaged wheel in time and take corrective action immediately, say experts at Primetime Autosport. Such centers will estimate the extent of the damage and repair, straighten, re-finish, and fix it as well. Their expert technicians will ensure that your wheel is repaired in such a way that it is as good as new.
When to Visit a Wheel Repair Center in Houston TX?

A bent or a damaged wheel can prove to be highly dangerous as it may put increased pressure on the tires resulting in blowouts, a major cause of auto accidents. More than 78,000 crashes, resulting in over 10,000 non-fatal injuries and more than 400 deaths occurred in a year due to flat tires or tire blowouts, according to an article by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US Department of Transportation)

The key to repairing a car part including wheel is identifying the extent of damage accurately and the expert technicians at your wheel installation and repair center in Houston, TX can do that.  Here are some common ways to identify whether the wheel of your vehicle is damaged and needs repair:

Vibration and Shakiness: A bent rim will always result in shakiness and a vibration sound that gets transmitted up the steering column. The shakiness is caused by the uneven contact of the tires with the surface of the road.

Peeling Off the Paint and Flaking: If the pain on the top of your wheel is peeling off, it may be due to some damage underneath and thus should not be ignored.

Below Par Performance of Vehicle: A bent rim can result in several problems including affecting tire pressure. In case you are finding it difficult to control your vehicle movement properly, it is a sign that you need to visit your wheel repair center in Houston TX.

Visual Damage to Wheel: Any change in the appearance of your wheels should be investigated by an expert technician. Visit your service center and check for any deformation of your wheel.

Frequent Deflations of Car Tires: This is an indication that the wheel is bent and causing air leaks. Do not ignore this sign and get your tires and wheels checked immediately to avoid a blowout.

While most damaged tires and rims can be straightened out, the entire wheel may need to be replaced if the damage is extensive. Experienced wheel installation centers in Houston can not only replace your vehicle’s wheel safely and efficiently but also repair your old and highly damaged wheel by rectifying small cracks, bends and corrosion via custom coloring services and OEM replacements.
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