4 Great Career Choices for Naturally Empathetic People
Tuesday, 14 January 2020

If you’ve been labeled as someone who’s naturally empathetic, or an empath as they’re commonly referred to, you probably have a different approach when it comes to choosing a vocation. And I did say vocation, not simply career, as many empaths tend to privilege positions where they can be of service first and foremost. Personal fulfillment is a priority, and empaths often don’t see themselves doing something where they can’t make a real difference. Thankfully, there are plenty of positions that are a perfect fit for this type of personality, and where the needs are pressing. Here are a few of them.


Mental Health Counselor

As a mental health counselor, you will be asked to work with individuals, families, and communities on various mental health issues and how to address them. You might be working with single mothers in need, people suffering from drug addiction, victims of trauma and abuse, and various other populations in need.

While the job is perfectly suited for an empath, you also need to have the mental fortitude needed to establish a distance between your work and your personal life. You also need to be able to work with people who are either unwilling or downright hostile to any kind of help.
As a mental health counselor, you might be the only resource a person has, and you’ll have to pull them out of difficult situations at times. This is a career that can be challenging, but also one of the most rewarding. Being able to see someone get back on track and benefit everyone around them because of your guidance is something that you can’t get through many jobs.
If you want to work as a mental counselor, you will first need a bachelor’s, then move on to a master’s degree. The good thing is that many are able to find work in a related field after they get their bachelor’s and get their master’s online while on the job. Universities like St Bonaventure University have a great online masters in mental health counseling that you can take from virtually anywhere in your own time. This is a great opportunity for those who would like to stay active and gain experience while they further their education.
Art in all its forms is another field that seems to attract many empaths. Empaths feel things fiercely, and this energy can be channeled through their art. Whether it’s art, writing, or painting, empaths have a knack for depicting human emotion and creating a human connection with their audience.
Most empaths also need some form of emotional outlet in their lives and being an artist could be a great way to turn it into a living. This is also a career that allows for more freedom, which is great for empaths as they often don’t adapt very well to rigid power structures.
Charity Work
Working in or starting your own non-for-profit organization could also be a great way to channel your need to help people into a career. However, you shouldn’t fall into the romanticized idea of what philanthropy is. Depending on what type of charity work you want to do, you might have to deal with very precarious situations, and imminent danger in some cases. So, make sure that you also have the resilience needed to make it in a difficult environment and the mental strength to witness human misery in its rawest form.
The first thought that comes in our minds when thinking about lawyers is rarely empathy, but this is because a lot of people have a stereotypical and reductive vision of what it is to be a lawyer. Lawyers are supposed to be advocates first and foremost, and you could use your knowledge of the law to work on causes that are close to your heart.
Many empaths decide to go into family law, for instance, and make sure that families are not torn apart and the children are properly looked after the separation. Others decide to work in civil rights to protect the rights of vulnerable communities. So, there’s plenty of room for empathic people in the field; they just have to know where to look.
The world needs empaths, and they fill a very important role in society. If you feel like you may be one of them, we strongly suggest you take a closer look at all these positions and see if any of these speak to your personality.


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