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Budgeting Your Money: Opinions From the Web
Wednesday, 03 December 2008

Money is an equivalent of our energy. As for me, being rich doesn't mean to have a lot of money and don't count your costs. Being rich means to use your energy and your money wisely, to create and multiply. If you do not love money, if you waste them - you will never be rich. We have already discussed the importance of planning and managing your time and your life. Budgeting is planning your costs. Money is an equivalent of you - do not waste yourself. Plan your costs, plan your profits, write down your budget - an you will never repeat "I have no money".

budgeting your money

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Why is it important to plan? Why is it important to write your budget?



I've decided to do a small research on the budgeting. So here are the valuable opinions from the web about budgeting.


Leo Babauta, Zen Habits founder and author, says:

"Review your finances at least weekly. To get a sense of control over your finances, you have to monitor them. Be sure you’re balancing your checkbook at least once a week, to ensure that you don’t have bounced checks or debit transactions. Even if your bills are automatic, you’ll still want to make sure they’re going out. Take the 10-20 minutes every week that’s necessary to look at your budget, your expenses, your income, and make sure you’ve got everything under control. If you’ve got a partner, do this together."

budgeting your money

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Michelle Jones, money-saving expert and frugal mom of 4, is the Founder and Publishing Editor of and Living a Better Life says:

I know that there are situations when no amount of good budgeting seems to help, but when the clouds clear and things get better, that basic budget that you’ve put in place will surely come in handy. No matter where you're at financially, you can start a household budget and do your best to stick to it. However, Better Budgeting has more to do with living than budgeting. What I mean is, you can write everything down and fill out any budgeting chart you want, but if you don’t live what you have set out on paper then it won't work.

Pete, Bible Money Matters, faith and finance blog founder, says:

"We are more peaceful about our financial situation. It’s so much easier to feel peaceful about your financial situation if you have a plan, and you know how much money is coming in and going out. Before we felt like we were doing ok, but there were also times where we felt like we were sinking. Now we KNOW where we are, and it gives us peace."

budgeting your money

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Melissa, A Penny Closer founder, says:

"I think my one money advice is to be fully conscious of your spending. I believe the key to taking control of your finances is to understand where your money is going every month. That information is crucial in determining what expenses you can live without, what you need to keep, and what you can allocate to savings and payments toward debt."

Shawn Watson, Watson Inc founder, says:

"The solution is a budget. I am fully aware that a budget is "the dreaded B-word;” however, it is time for you to associate budgets with your financial freedom. Did you know that the vast majority millionaires are self made, and that most of them follow budgets? It is true. In fact, following a budget is one of the reasons they got wealthy in the first place."


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So, now it is your time to decide do you need budgeting or not;) I appreciate your feedback on this topic and I'll be glad to add it to the post. Please, feel free to post your opinion with link to your website or social profile.



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