Cost of trademark registration in UAE
Thursday, 19 December 2019

Trademark, as well as intellectual property in UAE, is of great importance. It not only protects the business in a number of ways but also as to the dignity of the company. There are a lot of firms that are providing great trademark registration services in UAE for the people so that they may get to register in a very less period of time. They are also providing legal solutions to the companies regarding trademark all over the world. They support and make sure that their clients get satisfied with their services in all the possible ways.

 The cost of trademark registration varies for different steps and stages. Let's have a look at the cost of trademark registration in UAE.

Trademark search
It is the process in which the person checks whether the trademark he has chosen is being used by someone else or not. If not, he gets to register for it and vice versa. The cost of a trademark search is 503 AED
Logo translation
Translating the meaning of the logo if you are serving the foreign market in order to check whether it contains any offensive or prohibited costs SED 70
Filing application
You ought to register for the trademark registration and for the services you need to pay 1003 AED
The trademark is supposed to be published in the local gazettes which cost around 1003 AED
Publication in the newspaper
The trademark must get published in the 2 local newspapers in Arabic. It costs around 1200 AED
Registration fees
After you pay the 10003 AED for registration, you will get registered and will be allowed to receive your trademark.
Trademark registration authority
Ministry of Economy is possible for the trademark registrations in Dubai. So, you need to start the process of registration right from here. It will give the initial approval and then you would be able to move forward with the processes.
How much time does it take for the trademark registration?
By taking the trademark registration services in UAE, you will get your trademark in just 6 months. Keep one thing in mind that if you do not search for the marks properly, you might have to spend more time o the process. So, be sure to provide all the legal documents accurately for the process. This will save both time and money for you.
There is no hard and fast rule for the person to take the services. If he wants, he can carry out all the processes on his own as well. This is not advisable because experts know better about the process while a layman is prone to mistakes. So, If you take the help of professionals, they will help you carry out the processes quite early.  So, it is totally up to you which way you want to choose. But make sure to think about all the possibilities. You would really not want to spend extra tie on the processes.
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