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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Writing in English can be an overwhelming challenge for many people. You may be able to string a few sentences together to pass across what you want to say, and maybe tell the difference between words such as ‘there’s’ and ‘theirs.’ But, harnessing English writing skills to complete the perfect essay, a blog post or an article may pose difficulties to many writers. Do not worry, as we at rdxtricks.com have come up with simple steps to help you learn how to improve English writing and perfect your writing skills.


Expand your terminology

To learn how to express yourself in a clear and precise manner, you need to have an excellent and active vocabulary. You need to have the ability to recognize numerous words and use them correctly in sentences or a conversation. Ensure you learn as many new words as possible especially when used in sentences as in samples at custom essay order.
One important tip to improve English writing skills exercise is taking a new word, and investigating the different ways you can use it in a sentence and the prepositions used alongside it. For example, you can use the word depend in different ways. One, ‘depend on,’ ‘dependent on,’ and ‘dependant.’ Once you learn this, it will be easier for you to write perfect and complete sentences.
Know how to spell words
Spelling words incorrectly is a common mistake people struggling with written English endure. Incorrect spellings alter the meaning of a sentence, change what you wanted to communicate and make it difficult for readers to understand the point you are putting across. For instance, when you interchange words ‘air and heir,’ ‘sun and son,’ ‘bare and bear,’ ‘steal and steel’ and ‘stair and stare’ among others in a sentence because they sound similar, it becomes impossible to understand what you mean.
Experts at https://essaywritingservice.ca/ recommend to make sure you learn how to spell different words correctly by practicing. Practice, practice makes perfect thus, test your spelling skills using flashcards or through tests whenever you have free time. With time, you will differentiate words which sound alike but with different meanings, and write sentences that make sense.
Read a lot
Reading and more reading is an essential tool in learning to write in English. Experts observe that you write best by reading. It is a great way to learn the different styles of writing and find the appropriate use of words. Also, it helps you understand how English is written and identify mistakes you keep making every time you put pen to paper.
Read content written by graded writers as they have perfected the art of writing in English and they utilize simple words which make their work interesting. Read books and articles whose topics are of interest to you as reading complicated and boring ones makes it not possible for you to learn. Also, read and re-read these materials to ensure you understand how they have utilized different words and expressions.
Have good grammar
Do all your words follow the grammar rule? If not, you need to practice on this. Having proper grammar is essential in ensuring your writing skills are excellent. Ensure the verbs and subjects you use agree. Learn how to use the correct tense when writing different words and the use of proper punctuation to make your text clear and ensure it flows. For instance, ‘dog barks’ but ‘dogs back.’
To ensure your grammar is always on point, make a habit of proofreading every compositing you write more than one time. Concentrate first on correcting general mistakes and then proceed to identify grammar mistakes relating to what you are studying.
Also, you can also use different applications to ensure your grammar is flawless. Applications such as Grammarly regularly highlights the grammar mistakes you keep making in your writing such as whether your subject and verb agree, whether you have misused articles and the tense you use. It then corrects your mistakes, which helps you to start noticing these mistakes as well and improve on them.
Practice and consult your professor
Improving your skills in writing is similar to learning proficiency in something else, and as you practice, you will need someone to tell you whether you are making any headway. Once you begin to formulate a few sentences in English, which utilize the correct vocabulary, spelling and grammar and you feel confident that you are on the right track, start practicing. English writing practice involves you composing short posts or essay paragraphs using all the tips you have learned, to sharpen your new found skill.
Practicing is vital in making sure you improve written English; thus, you need feedback from a native English speaker. Friends and family members may be ideal; however, your professor is the most suitable candidate to give you feedback. They know you, and as an educator, they are in a perfect position to guide you. Share with them the posts you have drafted and let them highlight your mistakes and what you have written correctly before helping you make corrections. Be ready to write and rewrite your text severally, to make your written English perfect.
Composing an excellent composition is difficult and so is writing in English. You can improve written English by expanding your vocabulary, mastering the spelling of English words, reading a lot, having excellent grammar, practicing continuously and consulting with your professor for guidance. Now, get a paper and a pen and begin writing!


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