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Online Learning and Career Advancement: What You Need to Know
Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Most people choose to take an online degree or a certificate because they want to advance their careers. However, many people are worried that online degrees will not be able to advance their careers as much as they would like. This article will explore everything that you need to know about choosing the right education option to boost your career and whether taking an online qualification is worth it in terms of your career goals.

Online Learning

Master’s Degrees vs. Graduate Certificates

When you are considering whether online education will help you to advance your career, the first thing that you need to consider is whether you are looking at a Master’s degree or a Graduate Certificate, and how both can help you up the career ladder. If you are looking at an online degree for purely practical, career-based reasons, a graduate certificate is the best option as it can help you to work precisely toward an employer’s needs rather than simply providing you with abstract knowledge. Not only this, but it can help you to get a foot up to then take a Master’s degree if this is a requirement of your career path. An online Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics can help you to specialize after your Bachelor’s degree and get you into the world of work.

The Best Option for Leadership Roles

Online degrees and graduate certificates are also best, however, for those that want to achieve leadership positions. Rather than having to toil for years to reach the top of the ladder, online degrees can help you to get a step ahead without leaving the office. Most graduate certificates and online degrees are specifically tailored for those who are already out in the world of work and who are looking to increase their skills and knowledge with the aim of a promotion, rather than those who are looking to start out. This is because the specialist knowledge that they provide builds upon previous qualifications or can help you to reapply the knowledge that you have learned in a practical workplace.

The Impact on Your Salary

However, before you take up an online degree, you may be concerned about the impact that this degree will have on your salary and whether this will be worth the investment that you will make into it. Luckily, it has been shown that Master’s degrees and graduate certificates can drastically improve your salary as they can open doors to a promotion. In fact, earning a graduate certificate can often allow you to earn more than those with a Master’s degree as they are less common and allow you to train for a specific job that may be harder for employers to fill. This is especially the case if you look for the highest paying graduate certificates, such as that of a data analyst.

The Appeal to Employers

Graduate certificates and online degrees can also appeal to employers much more than traditional options as they can show you to be an independent learner. Not only this, but these will give you skills that have been specifically honed for the certain job roles that they are looking to fill.
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