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Top Career Opportunities with a Master?s in Business Analytics
Friday, 06 November 2020

Many business graduates are opting for a master’s degree in business analytics. The advanced degree offers them the chance to add not just a title to their resume, but real skills to use in their day-to-day work. Here are the main career opportunities that a degree in Business Analytics opens for you.

Becoming a Business Analyst

The title of this job is self-explanatory. A Merrimack College Business Analytics Degree online gives you the skill to use a massive collection of data and accurately predict future trends. Statistical and quantitative analyses are the main tools a business analyst employs when it comes to the decision-making process.
A business analyst is typically in charge of database management and data modelling. You are the expert with all the numbers, and when you go into the boardroom, it is your job to tell them where the market is going, where your company stands, and where it should go next.

Market Research Analyst

Every company needs a good market research analyst, and it is a role you have the qualifications for as a master’s degree in business analytics graduate.
The job of a market research analyst is to look at the data on consumer and market trends. No matter what products or services a company delivers, you must study the numbers and be able to offer insights. The insights vary, including what consumers want, what their main competitors are doing, and suggest ways to respond to market demands.

Data Scientist

A job as a data scientist has similarities to a business analyst. For example, they both rely on using analytical skills to understand and correctly interpret large amounts of information.
A data scientist tells the executives in charge of the organization what the numbers say and provides details about the organization itself or the market. This expert also helps businesses make fact-based decisions, rather than leaving things to chance.


Becoming a business consultant means you will work with many different companies on a contractual basis, rather than being employed by one organization. Consultants specialize in various fields, such as human resources, marketing, or supply chain management.
Your role as a consultant is to help each business solve a specific problem in the chosen field. For example, the CEO might ask you to look at the HR department and provide solutions to streamline their hiring process. Or, you could help the marketing department improve its operations.

Management Analyst

A management analyst often works on a contractual basis, like a consultant, only their focus is on management problems. The management analyst looks mostly at internal data. This professional has the education to spot the problems and recommend solutions to improve the company’s decision-making processes. The result is improved efficiency and, in turn, business growth.

Process Analyst

The job of a process analyst is to improve the performance of your organization by using strategic analyses. These processes are ones you learned while studying for your master’s degree in business analytics.

Final Thoughts

All the jobs above are available to an individual who holds a degree in business analytics. Given the expertise that comes with studying in this area, the positions are in-demand.
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