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Why a Career in Care is Future-Proofed
Wednesday, 28 April 2021

There has been a marked increase in the number of people who now live longer than ever before in the US. Most of these older adults will need some form of care at some point in their lives, and as such, it is a growth sector at the moment and perceived to be so in the medium to long term. There have been a number of jobs that have simply disappeared as the data age takes off and automation and artificial intelligence come to the fore. However, those jobs and sectors have seen a surge in growth and increased opportunity; health care is one such sector. If you want a career that will withstand the uncertainty of the modern economy, healthcare and caring might just be it.

What is future-proofing?

There are no crystal balls, and nothing is definite. Yet if one does enough research and reading, it becomes possible to choose a career that will withstand future risks, economic shocks, and global stresses. It is a term more commonly associated with electronics, medical and industrial design, but the principles are the same for choosing a future career path or looking as to which direction a career change can take.
The options for elderly care are numerous and varied, from State-supported community living to private, professional options such as McKnight Place assisted living. The facilities and the nature of the additional activities may differ, but the law guarantees that they will all have professional and registered carers. Some of these careers will be for registered nurses, and others will be specifically qualified palliative or chronic carers. These jobs are stable, and after the recent upheaval in the sector, these jobs are making a comeback and are set to be the jobs of the future.

More jobs in healthcare than ever before

Healthcare jobs are on the rise, and the biggest driver of this will be the senior care sector. The analysis is clear in that as medical know-how improves, so can the ability to deal and care for those with chronic illness and diseases. This, in turn, means that there will be an increase in the number of elderly and an increase in those with chronic illnesses that can live longer. These people will need care. Whether in-home care, care in assisted living, or specific chronic illness nursing, these are the future jobs. Over 2.4 million new jobs will be created in healthcare over the next ten years. This is a job boom and will be a major driver of the US economy. With the right mental attitude, skills, and qualifications, it will be possible for the most normal and caring of people to be at the forefront of this anticipated growth.
Whether it is starting a career or changing a career mid-way through, it is always advisable to know what sector or type of jobs have a future and where your career can grow. This article has provided some insight into the care and healthcare industry, arguably a sector and future-proof career option.
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