A Guide to Find the Best Hemp Flower Strains
Friday, 16 October 2020

 With the legalization of hemp in 2018, the usage of hemp flower strains has grown, and there are many options available in the market today. 

 Based on the intended use, you can purchase the right type of strain. As these hemp flower strains vary in taste and content, there are plenty of ways you can use them.

What is the Purpose of Planting Hemp?

Hemp can be used for medical, industrial, and other purposes due to its dynamic nature. Let’s look at some examples:

If you plan to grow hemp for industrial usage like grain or fiber production, then the CBD content of the plant will not be predominantly relevant. This is because the main value of industrial hemp in fiber-based applications is mostly in its stem and not in the leaves. 
However, if you will grow hemp for personal wellness and medical purposes, choose strains with appropriate CBD content.
A significant portion of hemp is used in food products. You can find hemp seeds in healthy recipes due to their high nutritional value. 
Hemp is an excellent source of protein as it is healthier than almond milk. However, hemp protein is less fattening than cow’s milk.

Decide the Sex of Your Hemp Seed

The sex of the hemp seeds matters. You may not need many male hemp seeds as not many are required for pollination. With only a few males for pollination, your crop will be entirely female to enhance its total yield.

The Quality of Hemp Strains

The total CBD content decides the quality of the hemp strain. The hemp strains with less than 10% CBD are considered low-quality. High-quality CBD flower strains should have a minimum of 10% CBD.  

However, the total CBD content varies per strain because some strains have lower CBD levels than others. Therefore, you must compare the CBA percentage with hemp buds that form a similar strain.

Environmental Factors to Consider


The type of seed you choose can be restricted by the environment it grows in. If you decide to grow your hemp strains indoors, it’s good to know that some hemp strains perform well in natural sunlight, whereas others perform better in artificial light. 

For example, if you grow hemp in the basement where there is less natural light, you will discover that certain hemp strains are not apt for that environment. Hemp plants can die due to extreme humidity. If you have the right environment, even a poor seed will succeed and produce excessive hemp buds for you.


The amount of water to distribute to hemp flower strains is one of the important factors you should consider. You cannot add too little or too much water to hemp seeds. 

However, you should not worry if you live in a drier environment. Based on the size of hemp crops, you can use a watering bucket or a functional mobile irrigation system.


Consider the soil you use because pH levels can be tricky for your seeds. It can cause hemp farming problems right from the beginning.

Terpene Profile

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that ascertain the smell and taste of the CBD flower. In more than 100 terpenes in hemp, ten include the main profile of the plant. Each terpene gets you unique taste and therapeutic benefits. 

Hemp flowers contain different kinds of oils. Some oils are aromatic, and they have a distinct scent. Apart from smelling good, various aromatic cannabis oils, known as terpenes, have distinct effects that enhance the way hemp affects you.

Terpene is one of the chief elements that separate diverse strains of CBD hemp flowers. However, most people don’t know about the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of the terpene profile.

The Overall Potency

The overall potency is important when it comes to THC. A hemp strain with over 20% THC will give you a different experience than a strain having 5% THC.

Strength of the Hemp Strains

Every planting season includes hidden risks. You cannot control the heat or rain or stop extreme weather events. But one thing you can do is invest in the right hemp genetics that endorses the strength of your hemp plants.

When you choose a hemp strain, check the history and its overall performance. Find out if it performs well in your region. Moreover, talking to other farmers in your region can be a good idea to know about the performance of a specific type of hemp strain.

Finally, with lab reports, customer reviews, product pictures, and product descriptions together, you can get the necessary information you need to choose the ideal hemp flower strains for farming. 
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