Top Questions of 2019 Answered
Wednesday, 22 April 2020

 One cool thing about search engines is they remember questions people asked, and at the end of the year, you get to find out the most popular questions that were asked. The following are some examples that might interest you if you like following trends or were wondering what folks were thinking about.

What exactly is CBD?

One of the most asked questions of 2019 was, "what is CBD?" It stands for cannabidiol, which is a phytocannabinoid that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant. Cannabis is most commonly associated with marijuana but CBD can also be extracted from hemp with much less or no THC (that’s the part that makes you feel high). With the continued global acceptance of marijuana, production of CBD products has reached an all-time high and companies continue to enter this space offering products that range from sleep aids to moisturizing lotion and almost anything in between.

With so many CBD products flooding the market it’s no surprise that online content has also exploded offering information, tips and advice from both trusted and unlikely sources. This surge of mentions on the internet has led to CBD basically becoming a household name before anyone really knew what it was and thus prompting copious online searches from information seekers. Although the FDA is still researching CBD and has not approved the use yet (with very few and specific exceptions) the field continues to grow as the demand for products is not slowing down. Whether you are interested in CBD for your own use or just want to understand more about it, be diligent in your research and triple check all facts to be sure you are getting accurate information.

Is Mercury in Retrograde?

Another big question in people's minds deals with Mercury in Retrograde. This is something most people didn't know about until recently, but it became one of those things everyone was curious about. As the Earth moves around this solar system, there is a moment when planet Mercury appears to move in the opposite direction. When a person talks about Mercury is Retrograde that is what this person is talking about.

Now, the reason this has become such a big topic is simply because there's a newfound interest in metaphysical theories at the moment, and some people follow these theories. Astronomers think this is nothing but an optical illusion, but other folks believe this moment in time creates strange occurrences for the people of this planet.

What Does “OK Boomer” Mean?

Some people were wondering what 'OK boomer' meant this year. As you might have guessed, it has something to do with one of the largest living generations in this world, the baby boomers. It seemed like millennials and generation Z individuals grew tired of what older generations were saying.

Baby boomers would complain about their healthy lifestyles or complained about how younger generations seemed to be interested in left-leaning economic theories. After growing tired of critics in the baby boomer generation, the younger generations came up with the phrase: Ok boomer. The phrase was meant to gloss over their criticisms in a sarcastic way, and the phrase trended online.

What is the Keto Diet?

The keto diet or the ketogenic diet is something people were interested in. It just so happens that this diet caught on like wildfire this year and is a low-carb diet.
You're supposed to eat high-fat foods. It might seem strange to focus on eating fats since most people heard the opposite. The reason you're doing this is to stop your body from relying on sugar for energy and relying on fats. The only way this happens is if there are ketone bodies in your body that make your liver burn stored fat to keep you going.

These are just some big questions that were asked by regular folks like you this year. There is no telling what people are going to be curious about this year, but make sure you stay tuned to see where the trends take people to.
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