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What To Know About Female Cannabis Seeds
Wednesday, 27 January 2021

In 2019, Yahoo! Finance released an article stating that Americans spent USD $10.4 billion on legal cannabis the year prior. This growing number could mean a lot of things for the medical and recreational cannabis industry. For one, people will begin to see the potential in creating a profitable business in this industry. Secondly, users will start to find alternative ways to obtain their supply. In fact, many consumers are now growing their cannabis garden to cut down on cost.

One way to grow high-quality cannabis plants in your own home is by planting all-female seeds. This is what dispensaries and professional cannabis farmers do to ensure they’re producing top-tier marijuana buds everybody will love. If you're a newbie home grower, read on to learn more about what sets female cannabis apart from their male counterpart.

Female Cannabis

If you're wondering why marijuana has male and female seeds, here's the answer:
Plants, like humans and animals, need to reproduce to protect their species. Plants have two modes of reproduction: monoecious and dioecious. Simply speaking, monoecious plants are those that possess both male and female characteristics. In contrast, dioecious plants are plants that are classified as either male or female. In some cases, hermaphroditism may also occur for various reasons.
An excellent example of a dioecious plant is cannabis. With marijuana plants, male and female seeds have different functions, characteristics, and overall effect in terms of usage.
The main reason why there’s a demand for female cannabis seeds is due to their ability to bud. The term bud refers to the flower produced by a female cannabis plant. It is the smokable and consumable part of the cannabis plant. Buds that come from exclusively female cannabis are most coveted for their higher concentrations of cannabinoids.

More Potent Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. Among the hundreds of chemical components, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two of the most researched ones.
CBD is mainly known for its ability to provide pain relief, among its other medicinal benefits, while THC is the psychoactive component known to give sensations of 'high' in consumers.
Exclusively female cannabis plants produce more potent CBD and THC cannabinoids compared to their male counterparts. The more concentrated these chemical compounds are, the more intense the sensations and therapeutic experiences could be.

Growing Female Cannabis Seeds

At this point, learning about male and female cannabis may convince you to start growing your own weed farm and become a certified horticulturist. To harvest high-quality buds—like those you buy from a dispensary—ensure that you cultivate an all-female cannabis garden.
When you plant male and female cannabis seeds in the same area, pollination (the process of fertilization in plants) will inevitably occur.
Pollination occurs when the pollen from the male cannabis sprinkles onto the female plant's flowers (or buds). Planing your own cannabis is quite difficult. You can always buy your cannabis from
Why wouldn't you want this to happen?
When cannabis buds start to fertilize, they begin to produce seeds, which lowers the end product’s quality. Fertilized buds are commonly called seeded buds. Consumers say that the smoke produced when lighting seeded buds is usually harsh and unpleasant.
In contrast, if pollination did not occur, female cannabis will produce high-quality, seedless buds referred to as sinsemilla.
So, if producing top-tier cannabis buds is your goal, separate the female seeds from male ones. This way, female cannabis will only concentrate on making the best flowers instead of producing seeds.

Finding Female Seeds

If marijuana is legal in your area, you can buy seeds at your local breeder or seed bank. However, do note that there’s no guarantee you'll be growing female plants if you buy a regular pack of seeds. You need to identify the males to get rid of them, or plant them somewhere else.
You can also buy feminized seeds, which are cannabis seeds that will only yield female plants. Buying feminized seeds reduces the risk of accidentally growing male plants that could potentially disrupt your whole weed garden.


Growing a weed garden will not only save you money, but it could also be a new hobby you'll enjoy, especially at times when everybody is stuck in their home. Consider cultivating an all-female weed garden so you can produce dispensary-quality marijuana that you can enjoy during harvest season.
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