Which Kinds Of Papers Are Best For Hemp Cigarettes?
Monday, 16 November 2020

The art of rolling a good smoke is often unappreciated. After all, this is a case in which the artists' work is immediately burned, so it's not like you can put a well-rolled cigarette on display. However, there is something to be said for good precision and technique in all things. If you are going to smoke Hemp cigarettes on the regular, you should definitely take the time to refine your rolling skills.

As the painter needs paint and the mason needs bricks, a rolling artist must also have the right papers. These are like the canvas on which a functional cigarette is painted. So, anyway, let's drop the artsy metaphors and attempt to answer the question: Which kinds of papers are best for Hemp cigarettes?

Option 1: Standard Cigarette Papers

The standard white cigarette paper is generally made from bleached wood pulp, much like most other kinds of paper. Although these are usually the cheapest option, they do have some problems. A lot of people find that they burn too quickly and do not burn evenly. It can be very irritating when your cigarette starts burning a lot more on one side, as it causes you to waste Hemp.
That being said, these papers are incredibly versatile. They work with any rolling method and are basically the most common way to smoke. They don't impart too much taste to the final product, but we would recommend that you roll them thick when using standard papers. Most people use either 1.5-size or 1.25-size, with the former being a little larger.

Option 2: Standard Cigar Papers

These can be bought alone or taken from a cheap cigar. Swishers and White Owl cigars tend to be very easy to skin and re-use. For those who somewhat enjoy the taste of tobacco, this is the ideal option. It's also great for those who are trying to quit tobacco because it gives you a little bit of the flavor without any significant amount of nicotine.
Cigars are often preferred because they burn slower and more evenly than any standard rolling paper. They are also ideal for instances when you are smoking a lot at once (like, for instance, when you choose to share with friends). The only real problem with these things is their higher cost. You really don't want to smoke these all the time because the costs will add up quickly. Apart from that, some people find cigars to be too harsh, so those with sensitive lungs should look elsewhere.

Option 3: Hemp Papers

Hemp papers seem like the perfect fit for smokable Hemp flowers, and this may, in fact, be the case. One thing you know for sure is that the taste of the paper is not going to interfere with the taste of the Cannabis itself. In fact, these papers don't have a very strong taste anyway. They do, however, impart a nice little accent to the normal flavor of Hemp flowers. A lot of people also like the fact that these papers are more environmentally friendly. An acre of Hemp produces a lot more paper than an acre of trees and is a much more easily renewable resource.
In terms of harshness, these are a little bit harsher than some. That's because they have to be a little bit thicker in order to work properly. They also tend to go out a little bit more often than the standard options. There can also be problems when storing these papers for long because they tend to absorb moisture from the air. Still, storing them in a sealed and airtight jar is an easy way to deal with this problem.

Option 4: Rice Paper

This is a niche option that most people don't even use. However, it does have a few advantages that make it worth discussing. The main thing is that these papers are extremely thin and have virtually no taste. Thus, some people comment that using these things makes it seem as if the paper isn't even there. For those who really don't like the taste of paper or who have sensitive lungs, this isn't a bad way to go at all.
Of course, these papers are a little thinner and more fragile, which means they take a little more skill to roll properly. You cannot take a ham-handed approach, or you will end up with a handful of shreds. These papers also tend to go out a little more often, so bear that in mind if you decide to try them.


These are not the only types of papers out there, but they are definitely the options that you are most likely to encounter. In fact, those first two options can be bought at just about any convenience store in America. There are so many good options from which to choose, but which one is the best?
Overall, we would have to say that Hemp papers are probably the best option for those rolling Hemp cigarettes from https://mrhempflower.com/. It's just a natural fit, and the downsides of these papers are not significant. Sure, they might have to be re-lit a little more often, but that's a small price to pay. Second place would probably have to go to the standard rolling papers since they are cheap, versatile, and widely available. Whether you agree or disagree, we hope that you will come back to check out our site again.
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