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"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." 

Dr. Seuss

Feeling Good
Monday, 04 February 2008

I'm feeling good. Are you? Such a pleasure to feel good about things. Even if the Law of Attraction were not true, and even if feeling good has no positive physical outcomes at all, sometimes it just feels great to 'feel good' about things. There is so much happiness flowing around the body when you feel good about the way your life is going.

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Speaking of the positive physical effects of feeling good, here are some:

  • Stress levels reduce;
  • The mind and body relax and heal;
  • People around you feel good and they experience magic in their lives;
  • The Law of Attraction brings back more reasons for you to feel good;
  • Abundance abounds.

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When you stress about things, a lot of toxic energy is released into the atmosphere, not to mention into your own body which is the vehicle for your current life. Each one of your cells is a point of consciousness and does its own asking and receiving. So just imagine that if you stress about things, your cells get filled up with this stress energy, and send out all kinds of vibrations into the Universe, calling forth all kinds of events back.

Stress energy is felt far and wide as vibrations are quickly carried across the Universe, bringing back more reasons for stress.

When you feel good about even 'the so-called small and insignificant things', it makes you into a person who constantly projects great feeling vibes into the Universe; and the Universe just loves it. Can you just imagine the Universe lapping up your good feeling vibes?

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If you believe in angels then you've got to know that the angels celebrate when you celebrate.

You have been given a divine human body to celebrate life in healthy and joyous ways, and it is something that has to be cherished.

The question is what are you doing with this life?

Are you singing and dancing in joy, and sharing your happiness with others, or are you feeling discontented with what the Universe is bringing you. Nobody has the power to take your joy away but you. So let's say that someone tries to put a spoke in your wheel by not behaving exactly in the way that you may expect. What are you going to do?

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Are you going to give away your power to this seeming assailant, or are you going to get happier with each passing moment? If you lose even one iota of joy because of an external reason, it is too costly already. And what does the Law of Attraction have to do with this?

As you master yourself and know that you are joy, and that no external force can take away your joy, the Law of Attraction has to respect such a Master and bring back physical rewards of your mastery. Don't let any external event shake you, and even if you do get flustered, recover fast. Resolve whatever has to be resolved in your mind, transmute the energy quickly, and bounce back with Joy.

Only you have the power to remain joyous. It's because you are joy!

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