Smart Ideas for Buying the Perfect Outfit for Your Toddler

 Toddler clothing is not merely a functional need. It has gone beyond that. Today, parents dress their kids fashionably too. It is little wonder then that many parents set aside a budget for buying clothes for their kids during important holidays. 

No other holiday is as huge and significant as any festive holiday in any corner of the globe. For instance, in the United States, Americans are likely to spend upwards of $1 trillion on gifts. Are you also considering spending money to buy the right kind of clothing for your kids? The following smart ideas should help you.

Check Your Finances

First, you can do nothing meaningful without preparing the appropriate budget. Essentially, this means setting aside money for this particular expense. Fortunately, some clothes are affordable. Nevertheless, the market is full of costly clothes for toddlers too. Therefore, set a budget that enables you to buy the exact type of clothing your baby needs. Typically, you would spend around $60 per month on clothing in your baby’s first year. For this reason, you should set aside $100 for shopping.

Choose Fabric Properly

The choice of fabric determines the kind of toddler clothing you buy. There is more to a good fabric than cuteness. Do not limit yourself to the fact that the fabric is trendy, funky, or bright only. Instead, look at other aspects of the fabric too. In looking at the fabric, you also have to consider issues such as temperature. You will discover that some fabric cause is overheating, skin rash, and other types of skin irritation. Remember, your toddler has highly sensitive skin.

Typically, you should limit yourself to the following types of fabrics:

1. Cotton, which is both soft and absorbent
2. Cotton jersey knit for its wearability and breathability.
3. Bamboo rayon, which is thermal-regulating, ultra-soft, durable, and perfect for sensitive skin
Do Not Ignore Safety
The safety of your baby is not worth ignoring. Are you wondering if baby clothes can be unsafe? Yes, they are! Each year, manufacturers recall millions of baby outfits for failing to satisfy safety standards. Furthermore, the recalls are not limited to clothes alone. They also touch on other baby products. Consequently, you would need to spare time researching how safe the clothes you wish to buy are for your baby.
Generally, you should avoid the following:
4. Clothes with decorations such as hooks, buttons, flowers, and bows that cause choking hazards
5. Clothes with waistbands or drawstrings, which pose strangulation hazards

Buy the Right Size
You may be thinking about buying kids' clothing for this season alone. However, that approach does not work too well. First, the baby will not stop growing. For this reason, a tight-fitting cloth may not be of much use to the baby a few weeks down the line. Consequently, you are better off buying an item that is 1-2 sizes larger than the toddler is. That way, you are guaranteed a cloth that your little angel can continue wearing several weeks.

The right size is great for several reasons. For starters, it is comfortable. Other than that, it is also highly breathable. Babies need as much breathability as possible. Otherwise, they would develop skin rashes or other irritable conditions. Babies often share sizes. Often, your baby does not need tailor-made clothing. Therefore, check the standard measurements for a bit of guidance. While doing that, do not forget to get a size that is easy to either put on or take off to minimize the likelihood of causing babies to scream their lungs out.

Go for Style and Functionality

When talking about newly born babies, you may need to remember that they spend most of their time sleeping. Because of this, you ought to invest in onesies or sleep sacks. Alternatively, baby footies or kimono bodysuits would serve the purpose effectively too. Baby clothes should be functional. Nevertheless, functionality is not everything in baby clothes. Nothing stops you from going for stylish attire too. After all, the little one needs to look good at the remainder of the season.

Consider Comfort

As stylish and functional as the dress might be, it has to be comfortable to serve the desired purpose. Babies are just but little people. They crave comfort just as much as the next person, you know. That Gerber onesie or the $35 designer bodysuit you would love to buy for your baby would be worthless if it makes your toddler uncomfortable. A comfortable baby is a happy one. Discomfort makes the child unhappy and moody. Uncomfortable babies do not sleep, eat, or play well, as well. Furthermore, you will be restless and stresses around such a baby.

Can the Toddler Sleep in that Cloth?

Is your toddler a newly born? If that is the case, you should expect your kid to spend around 18 hours sleeping each day. Often, they are awake for only 30 minutes. That will not change. Consequently, go for comfortable sleeping toddler clothes. You may have been planning to buy pajamas or coveralls for your child. Nothing is wrong with that as long as you go for comfortable ones. Comfortable attire enables babies to enjoy quality sleep, which bodes well for all members of your household.

As shown above, there is a lot to consider when you contemplate buying the best clothes for your toddler. Do not limit yourself to the cost of the item alone. Research is necessary to ensure that you end with the best decision for your baby once the holiday season is in the past. In all that you do, you should ascertain that your baby is in comfortable, stylish, and functional clothing. Do not hesitate to visit Bitsy Bug Boutique for any toddler clothing that you need today.
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