Use Your Favorite Jackets for a Long Time with Replacement Zippers
Monday, 15 February 2021

Have you ever experienced that rush of panic and dismay when you pull your precious warm jacket for winter out of your closet after a long time only to find out that the zipper stops halfway when you tried to zip it up?

Things can even get worse if the teeth start to separate at the bottom or the zipper pull has come off. And even worst is when you discovered that the teeth are all bent now and it is already impossible for you to unzip or zip it so you are left with no choice but to step out and into the jacket.

Well, you don’t have to stress yourself out because replacing the zipper on your favorite jacket is not really as hard as what you might think. With the availability of replacement zippers for jackets at, you can look forward to being able to use your favorite jacket for the many years to come.

Common Types of Zippers for Jackets

Every jacket and coat features a zipper and many of them use heavy ones that can feature either metal or plastic teeth.
If you like to be more exact, zippers can also be sized based on the size of their teeth measured in millimeters. To get the precise number, you just need to close the zipper then measure across the two teeth worse. Heavier jackets and coats typically use zippers measuring 8 to 10mm and these are often simply called a No.10 or No. 8.
There are also jackets with two way zippers that have dual pulls that let you unzip them in both direction. However, these zippers will only separate on a single end.
Of course, there are now plenty of online stores where you can get these zippers and one of these is Zipper Shipper.

Zipper Pulls and Zipper Pull Tabs

If the zipper itself is still functioning properly and the only issue is that it has a missing pull tab, you can simply buy a pull tab replacement online. Pull tabs are quite easy and simple to replace and all you need is a good pair of needle nose pliers for bending the loop open and closing it once again.
In case the entire pull already came off, it might still be possible to change it. The only issue is that it might be difficult to find the exact duplicate of a particular zipper pull since there are companies that manufacture them exclusively for the jackets they make.
When replacing a pull, need nose pliers can be used for removing the zipper top or that plastic or metal piece found above the teeth that prevents the zipper pull from completely coming off. Just slide on the new pull tab, ensure that it works, then replace the zipper stop. It is not easy to pry open an old one enough for you to get this back on so you might be better off with a new one.
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