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A Question of Culture: Greeting People in Different Countries
Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Our planet is divided into many different countries which have many different races of people, different customs, and different manners. Each country has its own way of greeting people.

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In the USA it is normal for men to shake hands when they meet but it is unusual for men to kiss when they greet each other.

The British often do no more than say “hello” when they see friends. Even adults usually shake hands only when they meet for the first time.

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French people, including school-children, shake hands with their friends, or kiss them on both cheeks, each time they meet and they leave. That’s why French people think the British are unfriendly and impolite.

In Japan it is polite and normal for men and women to bow when they greet someone.

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In Polynesia you take your friend’s hands and use them to stroke your face.

The Inuit, who live in Canada, rub noses.

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In Tibet it is very polite to stick your tongue out at someone. It shows you have no evil thoughts.


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