Determining the Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

 Wisdom teeth or the third molars are as crucial as the rest of your teeth. However, their eruption period is when you face a lot of problems and pain. They are often the last to erupt through the gum tissues, in the age range of 17 to 21 years. 

 By then, there is little room in your mouth and causes the teeth to get stuck inside the jaw, erupt sideways, or other complications. Issues related to the wisdom teeth may not be very explicit at the beginning, with people only complaining of pain.

Facial swelling, unbearable pain, and infections are some indications of wisdom teeth affecting your general health. 

With extraction being inevitable, it is time to consider the wisdom tooth cost by visiting this site,

Factors Influencing the Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

The Complexity of Your Case

In the initial consultation, your dentist inspects your mouth and the wisdom teeth to locate infections or decay. The dentist may also examine your X-ray, determine the degree of extraction difficulty, and make appropriate plans for a wisdom tooth removal. A straightforward case will have your tooth extracted in just a dentist’s chair. However, many aspects increase the complexity of your case:

‚óŹ Position of your tooth: A wisdom tooth that is fully erupted and correctly aligned is as comfortable as removing the first or second molars. Extraction may be painful with a horizontal angle or with a backward tilt.

‚óŹ Tooth’s depth: Deeper the tooth, larger will be the extraction site. This is because more bone needs to be removed for accessing the tooth. As s result, the healing process gets delayed and heightens the chances of complications like dry socket.

‚óŹ Structure of the tooth’s roots: The roots of wisdom tooth differs from one individual to another. While the teeth in the lower jaw have two roots, those in the upper jaw have three. The roots can either be distinct and separated or have irregular curvature and fused. These fused roots and roots in their infancy are easier to remove.

Number of Wisdom Teeth Being Extracted

If your jaws are too small to house an erupting wisdom tooth, then it is likely that you will be facing a similar issue with all the other wisdom teeth in the future. So, you can consider having them all extracted at once, even if some remain non-problematic. 

Undoubtedly, removing these untaxing wisdom teeth are sure to add to the removal cost. You may check for a package deal with your dentist for the removal of all four wisdom teeth. The price may vary from $1000 to $2000 based on the cost of living in your region.

Type of Anesthetic and Other Complications

Wisdom teeth extracted using local anesthetic often costs lesser than teeth removed with a general anesthetic. Also, most people pay attention to their wisdom teeth when they start experiencing problems. Teeth that have formed cysts or impacted in other ways are complex to analyze and will significantly increase your cost of extraction.

‚óŹ Removal cost of an impacted wisdom tooth: Impacted wisdom teeth can either be fully encased in the jawbone or partially erupted. Partially erupted teeth are least expensive while those encased in bone and beneath the gums incur higher costs. As such, an impacted tooth may cost you anywhere over $500 for the extraction. You may expect an additional fee for using sedation dentistry like nitrous oxide.

‚óŹ Removal cost of a simple wisdom tooth: A fully erupted wisdom tooth without intricate root formation is easier to extract. It is often a straightforward procedure performed by your local dentist and uses a local anesthetic. This process may cost you between $100 to $400 per tooth. If you wish to know more about it.

Additional Fees

Wisdom tooth extraction demands various diagnostic tests that determine the shape of the root and the structure of nerves, blood vessels, and other surrounding structures. Your dentist may require a panoramic X-ray that may cost an additional $50 to $150. A cone-beam CT scan, on the other hand, may cost you higher. 

Also, don’t forget the initial examination fee that varies from one dentist to another. Your dentist often decides the price on the anticipated extraction difficulty, location of the clinic, cost coverage by dental insurance plans, specialty, experience, and popularity of the clinic.
Wisdom teeth removal is one of the standard procedures in dentistry. You should make a dentist appointment if you begin to experience severe pain due to these teeth. A specialist inspection will reveal underlying issues, and your dentist will determine the need for wisdom teeth removal. Seemingly a daunting prospect, well-earned benefits from the extraction process will be worth every penny you spent.
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