Is getting my teeth whitened professionally worth it?

 Everyone loves the look of a bright and white smile, right?  That’s a given but many of us aren’t sure if getting our teeth whitened professionally is worth the time, effort and cost.  Whether to have your teeth whitened at your dentist office probably isn’t the most important decision you’ll make, but if you are thinking about teeth whitening, keep reading.

Not all teeth whitening treatments are the same

When looking at teeth whitening options, you’ll find there are the DIY variety, which can be purchased at the local drugstore, and there are professional treatments for which you’ll need to book a visit at your dentists office.  DIY teeth whitening definitely seems easier than visiting, and it’s cheaper too, but that’s not the whole story.  Most DIY kits come with an inherent amount of risk to your teeth so be warned.  While these kits can be effective is used correctly, often times people end up with unsatisfactory results, weakened tooth enamel, sensitivity and deal with a general risk to their oral health.  That’s why we recommend getting your teeth whitened the right way, with a professional job at your dentist.

Let’s take a look at five reasons to go with a professional tooth whitening instead.

Reason #1 – Get better results

While DIY kits do work, they usually don’t work as well.  It is often difficult to evenly whiten your teeth with the provided tools and it can be very difficult to apply correctly and follow the instructions perfectly.  At your dentists office, your technician will know exactly how your teeth will react to whitening and will be able to operate the treatment perfectly so you get the best results possible.

Reason #2 – Reduce tooth sensitivity

When it comes to whitening your teeth, the most common side effect is tooth sensitivity.  In this case it’s all about timing.  Leave the whitening solution on for too long and you risk damaging your tooth enamel, something a professional treatment is excellent at controlling.  The strength of solution is also different in a professional whitening which helps reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity occurring.

Reason #3 – Your gums are protected

In the real world, it’s very difficult to make sure you apply the whitening agent properly.  This means an even coat that covers your all the surface area of your teeth but avoids getting the stuff on your gums.  Whitening strips or bite guard style treatments are known for making a mess, getting on your gumline and raising the potential for damage.  A professional tooth whitening allows that extra degree of care to ensure the whitening agent only goes where it’s supposed to, minimizing the risk of side effects and damage to the soft tissue of your mouth.

Reason #4 – Avoid damaging your teeth

Before any whitening occurs, your dentist will ensure that your teeth are healthy enough for the treatment to work.  Issues like soft or eroded enamel, restorative dental work or already sensitive teeth may make the treatment less than ideal for you.  A professional treatment can address these issues and tailor the procedure accordingly.

Reason #5 – You get faster results and longer lasting results

Going to your dentist for a teeth whitening may seem like hassle – until you try an at-home DIY kit that is.  At your dentist, the whitening gel is different. It works faster, is more effective and is applied more evenly.   This means that not only does the whitening happen much faster, it is also more even and lasts longer.

Another aspect to consider is prepping your teeth for a whitening procedure.  This means having a professional teeth cleaning done before whitening, in which case you might as well whiten at the dentist as part of the treatment.Our dentists at the Martindale Dental Cambridge office are experts when it comes to making your smile shine brightly, so give our office a call for more information.
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