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Why You Should Use Your Stimulus on Dental Work
Friday, 26 March 2021

After months of waiting, they've finally arrived. The $1,400 checks courtesy of the United States government have popped up in your bank account. It could have come just in time to pay down outstanding debt or cover something like a car payment, but for some, it's free money.

You can use that $1,400 for just about anything you may desire, and it may be time to use that cash to catch up on some dental needs that you may have been forced to neglect during the pandemic.

Dental Implants

We sometimes can have a sense of embarrassment about our smile, whether we feel like our teeth are a little crooked or stained from smoking. However, it is easier than ever to access the smile of your dreams. Full-service dental practices like 4M Dental Implant Center use the newest and best technology to make the dentist's office as comfortable as possible for patients.
Led by Dr. Sean Mohtashami, 4M's accomplished team of doctors and staff put patients at ease with their concern, knowledge, and years of experience. With offices located throughout Southern California and Las Vegas, 4M Dental Implant Centers are providing patients with opportunities for minimally invasive procedures that will have your teeth looking the best they ever have, with affordability in mind.
Unlike traditional treatments of crowns and bridges, dental implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth. A cosmetic dentist will surgically place a titanium post in the jaw bone at the site of a missing tooth. You can have a flawless grin with no more cavities or root canals, no more pain, and no more embarrassment.

General Dentistry

Beyond cosmetic dentistry or veneers, practices like the 4M Institute provide the same services that you can get from any dentist, but with a personal touch for each and every patient. Whether you are in their facility in Long Beach or Newport Beach, 4M treats each case with care and compassion, understanding that in light of COVID, it has been difficult for people to get to the dentist for a visit.
New patients can expect to receive a cleaning, X-rays, and consultation, before maybe considering the possibility of cosmetic dentistry and the use of implants to improve their smile. Oral health is a priority for Dr. Sean and company, as they work to give you a smile that looks brand new and natural, with your current chompers or with new dental implants that could come to your aid if your teeth have started to fall out.


Beyond implants and cosmetic dentistry, you may want to consider spending that $1,400 stimulus check on some orthodontic work. Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis and correction of teeth and jaw with misaligned bite patterns. Orthodontics have come a long way with options beyond standard braces, with Invisalign becoming a popular alternative. It has cosmetic advantages, keeping out unsightly wires and brackets, and avoiding sores on your cheeks and tongue.
Much like braces, Invisalign can correct dental issues with crowding, spacing, and overbite. Regardless of the option, you may choose to pursue, maintaining proper oral hygiene is paramount. The typical length of treatment comes out to around a year, but could take longer. It is important to keep as clean as possible to assure that you are not only correcting a jawline or misalignment issue but avoiding any issues with teeth and gums that can be brought on by negligence.
Be sure to consider your dental insurance coverage, as well as the level of care you wish to pursue. Do not hesitate into looking into implants, veneers, or whatever your heart may desire, pricing it accordingly and making sure it's the right move to use your stimulus check on.
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