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How To Kickstart Your TikTok Journey?
Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Do you want to use the TikTok app for your business or personal marketing? And you have little knowledge on how to kickstart your TikTok journey?

Then, you are, for sure, on the right page. In this blog, we happily offer you engaging and interesting ideas for starting your TikTok fan following.


1. Never shy away from participating in new trends on TikTok.

TikTok is a video-generating platform where people get challenges almost daily. We all know that. So, you have to embrace this feature to your advantage. For this, you have to show the zeal to participate in every video-creating challenge.
But at the same time, be self-aware not to indulge in risky tasks for creating 20-30 seconds videos.
Note: There are many apps and platforms that can help you grow your new TikTok followers and likes, see here for more information. Alternatively continue reading this guide for more great ideas to increase your online presence.

2. Collaborate with other influential TikTokers.

Always be on the lookout to approach new TikTokers on your profile. Check their engagement rate online.
Check their audience graph and fan following. Pick at least 5-7 TikTokers that are growing immensely. Then, pick 4-5 TikTokers which have reached a point of becoming a personal brand. But these TikTokers must be approachable.
See from their online content if they are ready to promote new and rising TikTokers or not. Then, make a conscious decision to message them with your collaboration offer or request.

3. Make a video calendar and upload videos regularly.

If you really want to kickstart the journey on TikTok, you should upload content regularly.
It’s a fact that every influencer knows. Without uploading content regularly, the engagement rate can suffer. So, first, prepare a content calendar for a week or a month. This way, you won’t feel that you are out of ideas when it’s to create, edit, and upload videos.
Take a week at max if you want before going live on Tiktok for another month. At least, you won’t be overwhelmed with the ongoing trends and challenges. This is a full-proof plan to ensure your profile on TikTok has enough video juice for the beholders to consume and enjoy.
When you regularly upload on your new TikTok profile, new viewers trust you more.
Though, refrain from uploading a lot of videos at once. This will look like spam, otherwise.

4. Give shoutouts to genuine followers in your videos.

You must thank your followers regularly. It will create more impact when you do that by uploading appreciation or shoutout videos.
This way, even new viewers would show genuine interest in liking and commenting on your profile. They will know that you value each person following you and giving your profile a boost in engagement.

5. Join influencer programs for promoting other brands on TikTok.

There are multiple branding campaigns going live every day for marketing on TikTok.
You can search for them online. Download these campaign apps or sign up for their ongoing marketing and TikTok campaigns. These sponsored and branded strategies are available even for micro video bloggers or Tiktokers with 500 or fewer followers.
And once you start getting those campaigns, your engagement will automatically grow.
One core reason is the brand you promote through your TikTok videos will already have an established reach on the app. The brand owners might promote your marketing videos on their TikTok profiles.
Chiefly, joining TikTok campaigns is always a nice choice to grow engagement on one’s profile. That works best when you are new to the app.

6. Link your TikTok profile on your other microblogging sites or apps.

The cross-linking feature always works for the promotion of your multiple social media profiles.
When opening a new TikTok account, consider linking it on other platforms:
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • WhatsApp stories
Make a strong profile on the leading social media sites or apps; mentioned above already. This way, you will get a better reach on your TikTok profile sooner than later.

7. Ask your friends to promote your TikTok profile link

Always ask your close friends to help you out. They will also benefit from promoting you as you’ve clear goals to be an influencer on TikTok. Genuinely ask them to promote your TikTok link on their social media profile’s bio section or story section.
When even around 10-30 friends do that, your profile then gains momentum. You need such engagement, especially for a new profile which you want people to discover organically.
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