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Ways to Digitally Market Your Higher Education Institution
Tuesday, 02 March 2021

With the ever-changing face of technology, it's important to stay up to date on the latest ways it can benefit you. Universities are now more popular than ever to harness your online image to bring in new students. This is often done through digital marketing.

Hire Digital Marketers

A higher education marketing agency is used to help colleges stand out to possible students, increasing the number of applicants they get. This might not be a well-known issue to much of the public but, with the increasing number of global competitors for student placements, effective marketing strategies are vital to how well a university survives.

Create a Plan

When working with digital marketers you will lay out all goals you want to meet and together devise a plan that works for both sides to maximize goal achievement. This involves assessing who your targets are for your marketing. Universities need to see who is clicking on their links and signing up to their emails to know who could become a future student.


A great way to increase your image online is through proper SEO management. SEO should be spread out in your headings, titles, descriptions, and throughout the text's main body. When utilizing SEO, it's good to choose long-tail keywords rather than short-tail keywords. This is because they will be more specific to a person's search. You will get more clicks on your university from people who are specifically looking for it and are interested in it, making them more credible and much more likely to follow through than people who find the Uni based on a broad search.

Websites and Blogs

For those who don't live close, the face of the university might not be the buildings it housed in but the website. Making sure a website is easy to use, has plenty of information on it and is visually pleasing is key to gaining student interest. A new website may be launched if changes to the original aren't enough and improve the college's overall digital footprint by posting on other sites such as blogs.
Blogs are a great way to allow prospective students to feel the place better; current students could write them as a diary-type entry describing their day-to-day life; after all, who knows the school better than the students who go there.

Leadership changes

Hard decisions are sometimes needed to ensure the right voices are in charge of the right departments. It might be when job positions are moved about, and college students are put more in the front line. Prospective students want to hear from current students to know which place is the right one.

Social media presence

Almost everyone today uses some form of social media; don't let your university fall behind. Creating and keeping social media pages up to date is a great way to spread your image digitally. Social media pages allow students to see what life at a University is like and connect and interact. Good ideas for posts include;
  • Student videos - day in the life
  • Photos from sports matches and society meetings
  • Images of the grounds, accommodation, and other facilities
  • Frequently asked questions with current students
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