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What is SEO? An introduction to SEO & How It Works?
Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Search Engine Optimization, or only SEO, is an umbrella term for a wide variety of tactics, techniques and processes that enable a website to rank higher in search engines. Ultimately, in this online era, everyone wants to be at the top of the search engines, so some knowledge about SEO in 2021 is advantageous for any company with online activities. To provide that knowledge, this article provides a manageable introduction to SEO, how it works, and how it can affect a website.

What is SEO?

To find out what SEO is, you have to look at the term itself. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is logically the art of optimizing a website to score higher in search engines such as Google and Bing. Because the website scores higher in the search engines, the number of visitors to the website will also increase, because the website is more often in the picture among searching (potential) customers.

How does SEO work?

Search Engine Optimization does not work in one specific way. SEO has many activities that can be performed to come up higher in the search results. According to SEO Sydney consultants, there are over 200 different ranking factors that Google (and other search engines) consider when ranking a website in Google search. By implementing this variety of actions, a website is eventually created and fully optimized for search engines. Examples of activities that fall under search engine optimization are:
  • Publish high-quality online content;
  • Applying link building ;
  • Refreshing and updating old SEO blogs and articles
  • Optimizing the website for 'semantic search.'
We have explained the above ways to optimize a website for search engines.


Search engine optimization is the art of optimizing a website to rank higher in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Publish high-quality online content

Content means all readable and viewable content offered on a website, such as SEO blog, landing pages, videos, whitepapers and photos. When this so-called content is of high quality, visitors will enjoy reading the content, and the search engines will notice that. A search engine such as Google, for example, is based on the principle that texts must be relevant, unique and tailored as closely as possible to the target group. Does a website do this well? Google would like to show that website to its users because using Google with that website will probably be helped the best. Therefore, content marketing is a concept that can no longer be ignored in the SEO world in 2021.

Link building:

Link building is significant when it comes to the position of a website in the search results. That is why it is essential to pay a lot of attention to this when getting started with search engine optimization. The key to link building success is ensuring a diverse and extensive number of internal links, external links and backlinks.
Internal links connect pages on the website itself, allowing search engines to interpret better which pages complement each other. It gives the search engines a clearer picture of what precisely a page is about. To avoid confusion with the search engines, it is essential to use internal links if it is possible to link to relevant, additional internal pages. To avoid noise on the line, it is essential not to place internal links to irrelevant articles.
External links are links that, as the word implies, refer to external websites from your website. By including these links in a website's pages, authority is assigned to the relevant external website. Therefore, it is not useful to place external links to direct competitors, but for example, to the national government's relevant pages or on Wikipedia. These kinds of additional external links are also included in the analysis of search engines and again provide more information to search engines about their page.


The key to link building success is ensuring a diverse and extensive number of internal links, external links and backlinks.
The third part of link building is backlinks. Backlinks are more challenging to obtain than internal and external links because they link that point from external websites to your website. In practice, one could consider backlinks as recommendations from the external environment because one's website is discussed on third-party websites. Search engines also notice this and then assign more authority to the website being talked about.

Refreshing and updating old SEO blogs and articles

Renewing older texts on a website is essential when you want to optimize a website for search engines, or SEO. It is essential because visitors need up-to-date information to get the best possible answer to their search query. The search engines also know this, and that is why they keep a close eye on which blogs and articles are regularly provided with current information and which are not. Websites that frequently provide their content with new information or small adjustments then score higher in the search results than websites with outdated information. Another advantage of updating older blogs or articles is that there is no need to write entirely new text. Such a text can often be completely up-to-date again with a few adjustments and additions.


Search engines have progressively become better at identifying topics covered on pages.

Optimize your content for 'semantic search.'

First of all, it is good to understand where the term 'semantic search' comes from. When search engines were still in their infancy, they showed results based on individual keywords. We looked at individual keywords in a text, and when these words matched the entered search query, that page was shown as an option in the results.
However, this changed when a new algorithm was implemented. Search engines such as Google no longer just looked at individual words and began to interpret and understand entire texts. Thanks to this algorithm, search engines have gradually become better at identifying topics covered on pages. As a result, search engines have become even better at displaying the pages that best match their users' search queries.
Therefore, it is essential to inform the search engines as clearly as possible about the themes and topics that come up on a page. Optimizing websites based on this information is called the process of optimizing for 'semantic search'. To give search engines a clear picture of what the page is about, they often optimize the page on a specific topic. Then ideally sub-topics on the page are discussed that are related to the chosen main topic. By deepening the main topic through sub-topics, the search engines can understand the page's context down to the last detail, which allows the search engines to display the page with precisely the right searches.

The influence of SEO in addition to a higher ranking

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, naturally affects how high a website is displayed in Google's search results. For example, more than 250 factors and variables can be optimized and determine the final ranking of a page. However, the influence of SEO extends beyond just a better ranking.

SEO makes a website more user-friendly

By optimizing a website for search engines, the website is automatically made more user-friendly for the target group. Search engines such as Google increasingly expect websites to act 'users first' to succeed in the battle for the highest position in the results. The visitor must therefore stand first and be served at the beck and call. It has the side effect of creating a well-optimized website that also meets visitors' needs very well and is user-friendly.


There are a total of more than 250 factors and variables that can be optimized and that together determine the final ranking of a page.

Quality visitors thanks to SEO

SEO also produces better quality visitors. Because search engine optimization focuses on generating organic (free) visitors to a website, in most cases, the visitor resulting from SEO is qualitatively better. This visitor is already consciously searching for a particular solution or a specific answer, instead of the visitor being brought in via a safety net of paid advertisements and other paid means.

SEO enables companies to lead the way

Search Engine Optimization is now a widely used form of online marketing and companies in almost all sectors are working on it themselves or have engaged an agency for this. It automatically means that if companies in their sector want to be successful online, they will also have to get started with search engine optimization. Those who put the most qualitative energy into it will in time also be able to derive the most benefit from it and be at the forefront of the (online) domain of the sector in which they are active.
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