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5 Essential Online Tools to Use During Online Learning
Thursday, 29 April 2021

The majority of students are struggling to keep up with the demands of online learning. If you are a student enrolled this semester, you would know how it can get more and more difficult over time. The change in the mode of learning made you face unprecedented challenges. It is undeniable that learning through zoom and google classroom increased the number of requirements you need to submit. It is the only way for professors to give a reasonable grade to students. However, you have many distractions at home that prohibit you from accomplishing them on time. There are also instances that you just don’t have any idea how to do each task.

For you to overcome the semester without feeling burned out, you must rely on technological advancements. In this article, you would be aware of the essential online tools you must use during online learning.


This new mode of learning entails managing several electronic documents daily. Your reports, exams, assignments, and other paperwork must be in the form of PDF, Word, Excel, or PPT. You no longer need to print these documents and physically submit them to your professors.
However, handling digital files is never easy. So to make it less taxing, you must access GogoPDF. It is an online-based tool that offers high-quality services for free. A lot of students patronize the converter for its ability to transform one file format into another. For instance, it can convert PDF to PDFA to let you access the file in the long run. Aside from this, it also offers over 20 tools designed to solve every PDF-related problems that you may face. It includes a merger, splitter, and page removal tool.

Khan Academy

There are subjects that you are naturally not good at. You can’t understand the topics even if you have a skilled professor. It is either because of your short attention span or your professor's fast-paced teaching style. When you witness how your classmates can answer questions easily, it builds up pressure within you to keep up.
But how can you understand a complex topic all by yourself? Well, it is possible, thanks to Khan Academy. It is an online tool that makes complicated lessons appear simple by providing lecture materials that are easy to understand. It offers articles and videos explaining topics in biology, chemistry, economics, and other fields of study. You will also know your progress by answering the practice problems and exercises at the end of each lecture material.


Most of your requirements are now in the form of essays and research. Since they are text-heavy, you must ensure proper use of grammar and punctuations. The majority of professors would include it in their criteria of grading. If you are not confident with your English writing skills, Grammarly is the tool to use.
It will scan your essay to determine if you committed any mistakes. Once done, it will show you your grammatical and spelling errors. It will also provide suggestions on how to make it right. You would also know the essay’s level of clarity, correctness, and readability. It is very helpful because these can serve as points for improvement.


Professors are strict when it comes to plagiarism. They do not want students to just copy and paste other people’s work and claim them as their own. If they caught you doing such a horrible act, they would make you face its consequences. The most humane punishment is to give you a zero score while the most severe is to report you to the school administration. For sure, you don’t want to experience either of the two options.
To avoid committing plagiarism, use DupliChecker at all times. It will scan your essay to identify if there are sentences that would match the content of any existing website. After successfully scanning it, a score will appear on your screen. You would know if you didn’t commit plagiarism if your score in the unique criteria is 100%.

Tomato Timer

Are you the type of student who exhausts all your time studying and accomplishing requirements? If you are, you might want to change this study habit for a more productive review session. It is not healthy to be studying non-stop because your brain also needs to pause and rest.
An efficient study habit includes the use of a Tomato Timer. It is an online tool that you can use as a timer to break down your study sessions into intervals. You can set a break every 25 minutes of studying. In this way, you will not overwhelm your brain with so much information.


The online tools mentioned above can significantly reduce the burden you face during online learning. They can be your companions when studying and making requirements in place of your friends or classmates. With these online tools, you no longer have to suffer alone!
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