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How You Can Become a Role Model as a Teacher
Friday, 23 April 2021

Entering the teaching profession automatically elevates you to the status of role model for the children at your school. As such, it is important that you always conduct yourself accordingly and demonstrate positive behaviors and qualities for them to model. However, it is not only the students in your care that you can inspire: by being an outstanding teacher, you can act as a role model to your colleagues as well. Here are some tips for how you can become a role model as a teacher and inspire both students and fellow teachers alike.

Good teacher

Continue your own education

Learning is a lifelong process that does not end with the completion of formal education. Continuing your own education by pursuing further professional certification demonstrates a love of learning to your students, in addition to ensuring that your professional skillset is constantly updated to provide the highest quality of teaching. This will also set an example to your colleagues of improving their own practice with further training. Advanced certificates are available for a range of areas in which you can specialize. For instance, an Early Childhood Leadership certificate program can help to bolster your skills if you are in, or aspire to be in, a leadership position in your school.

Advocate good discipline

Advocating good and consistent discipline is key to creating an environment in which students can thrive in their learning; it is also essential when establishing your seriousness as a role model. Failure to consistently implement discipline within the classroom can soon lead students to push the boundaries and not respect your authority as the teacher. Establishing and consistently enforcing good discipline within your classroom sends a clear message of respect and appropriate behavior to students, which can then be modelled elsewhere in your school community.

Be enthusiastic

There is perhaps nothing as demotivating to students as an unenthusiastic teacher who does not enjoy their job and puts the least amount of effort into their lessons. Being enthusiastic about a subject can inspire and ignite an interest amongst your students that can last a lifetime, so take the extra effort to craft engaging and enthusiastic lessons that fire your students’ curiosity. Teaching is undeniably a stressful and challenging job at times, and if you find yourself seriously resenting your classroom, it might be time to consider a career change.

Lead by example

Enforcing a set of rules on your class will be less effective if you are just going to do the opposite in your own personal conduct; it is no good, for instance, teaching your students that bullying is wrong if you are going to engage in aggressive Twitter conflicts yourself. Going against your own teachings is hypocritical and will confuse students. It is therefore important that you lead by example and conduct yourself in a professional manner, modelling positive behavior to students and providing them with a beneficial role model so that they can grow into positive members of society.
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