5 Places in Sri Lanka That Will Blow You Away

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Sri Lanka, popularly known as the Pearl of Indian Ocean. For vacationers, honeymooners and nature lovers it is a dream destination. Tourists from across the globe are most attracted by its heritage cities, striking back water, golden beaches, lush greenery, lagoon of singing fishes, diverse wild life and of course great hospitality experienced during holidays in Sri Lanka. Here are best 5 places of Sri Lanka that will blow you away.


Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy is a great place to start holidays in Sri Lanka. Kandy is a sacred Buddhist site and the cultural center of Sri Lanka. Kandy is the home of the Temple of the Tooth, which is said to house one of Buddha’s teeth. This place is also considered to be Sri Lanka’s last proper or decent city. This city has a mesmerizing atmosphere. Temples of Buddhist are a main attraction here. The Gadaladeniya temple, Lankatilaka temple, Embekke temple, royal botanical garden are the major highlights of this city.


Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Sri Lanka

The meaning of Sigiriya is The Lion’s Rock. It is a castle ruin and most popular tourist spot of the Sri Lanka. The origin of the place is disputed, it is either a former 5th century king’s fortress and palace, monastery of Buddhist or both. You can see ancient paintings at Sigirya. It is located about three and a half hours from the capital city of Colombo, it’s far enough away to be an adventure but close enough for kids. Sigiriya is also a world heritage site.


Colombo, Sri Lanka

The capital city Colombo is a popular tourist destination in Asia. The old fort in Colombo is the key landmark. It was built by the Portuguese in 1517 and was later beautified by the Dutch. Once you are in Colombo, there are many attractions waiting to be discovered such as; Fort Clock Tower, Mt Lavinai Beach, Dehiwala zoo, Dutch Period museum, Gangaramya Temple, Elephant Orphanage and Independence Hall.



Dambulla attracts many people worldwide. It is really an important place in the cultural tour circuit of Sri Lanka. Dambulla is popular for its cave temples. The first cave or Devaraja Viharaya is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the second cave or the temple of Great kings is the largest one and is treasured with good number of sculptures, the third cave is the Great New Temple or the Maha Alut Viharaya. There is also an International Cricket Stadium which makes it popular among tourist.

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

The salubrious climate of this place is worth-experiencing. Nuwara Eliya is referred as the heart of Sri Lanka, this place can be visited in the morning. The highest mountain of Sri Lanka, Pidurutalagala is situated here. Nuwara Eliya also has one of the finest golf course of the country which has around 18 holes. Besides, Victoria Park, Hill club, the Labookellie Tea Factory are worth appreciating places.

So what are you waiting for pack your bags and apply for a Sri Lankan Visa immediately, and explore what Sri Lanka has to offer you.