Backpacking & Travel in Southeast Asia

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Who has not dreamed of quitting his job and just go, or travel through the world? Or at least discovering the world during an vacation, or just lying on the beach without a guilty conscience?

Hardly anyone here can answer this question with a “no”. If you then start looking for the perfect destination, you will soon come across Southeast Asia. There are beautiful beaches, beautiful, often untouched nature, huge cities and different cultures. But what exactly belongs to Southeast Asia, which countries and sights can be found there? And is this part of the world also suitable for backpackers? All these questions are answered in this article so that nothing stands in the way of traveling to Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia, or the countries of Southeast Asia are a very exciting destination for travelers, especially for backpackers.

The perfect Start for Backpacking?

Thailand and Vietnam are undoubtedly one of the backpacking starter countries. This is because you can travel well from place to place. So you can do island hopping and travel among other parts of the country with airplanes or boats, or you drive with trains or motor scooter. On the other hand, the countries are also easily accessible by backpackers with little budget, since the costs for overnight stays and food are very low ( $5 – $15 per night).

Southeast Asia has a pleasantly warm climate almost all year round, an additional plus for this part of the world. Those who want something more exciting and difficult on their backpacking trip can, of course, visit the less developed countries. These include, in particular, East Timor and the Philippines.

Of course, Southeast Asia can be reached with various airlines from all over the world. Many places and countries are also often (only) as a stopover. Also in the area of Southeast Asia, there are really places worth seeing. These include India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

India is one of the destinations, which at the same time is beautiful and yet very ugly. Travelers often visit places like the metropolis of Mumbai, Goa, Jaipur and New Delhi. The country has its own charm and resembles a parallel world. Incidentally, India is not suitable for backpacking beginners. Sri Lanka and the Maldives, however, are considered as absolute dream destinations, which is mainly due to the beautiful beaches.

Southeast Asia during a World Trip?

The question of whether Southeast Asia and its many, very different countries is suitable for a trip around the world, should be answered yes at the latest after this article. Whether you want to go on vacation and be pampered in a hotel, or plan an exciting backpacking trip – Southeast Asia has something for everyone. The warm, almost year-round warm and pleasant weather, the different cultures, the large, colorful metropolises, boring, it is certainly not in Southeast Asia. In addition, both for backpacking beginners, as well as for advanced backpackers to find the right destination. Southeast Asia and its various countries are the perfect if not the number one destination for travelers, vacationers and backpackers.