Discover the Algarve with these Tips

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Discover the Algarve with these Tips

The Algarve is positioned in the southernmost region of Portugal and among Europe’s favourite holiday destinations.

Over 7m tourists visited the area in 2017 and it’s population triples in high season. With so much to do, it’s hard to narrow it down to the best possible things. So, here are some we recommend that will help you discover the Algarve

Costa Vicentina Is ASurfers Paradise

Portugal is known for its surfing and tranquil beaches that have areas suitable for beginners and for those who are more advanced. A British surfer is said to have broken the Guinness World Record when he successfully surfed the largest wave ever recorded being surfed which demonstrates just how terrific the surfing opportunities are here. Algarve’s Costa Vicentina is the perfect place for enthusiasts as it is completely unspoiled and managed by the Portuguese government and cared for as a national park to maintain its pristine surroundings. There are very few people who live within the boundaries of the park but tourists go there by the millions and those into watersports visit every year because of all it has to offer.

The Ruins Of Cerro Da Vila

Near Vilamoura, which is a popular place for tourists, are the ruins of Cerro da Vila. The remanence found there are from the times of Roman occupation. It is a good example of Portugal’s history and demonstrates how this land has been regularly occupied and then reoccupied by different forces. There are also some grave sites located there that are from the Bronze Age and show evidence of the country before it was occupied by the Romans. Anyone who is into history will enjoy the area.


Zoomarine water theme park is the area’s largest aquatic amusement. The area has a smorgasbord of sea creatures for both entertainment and also educational days out and fun for all ages is assured. The park includes seals, dolphins, exotic birds, alligators, tropical fish, sea lions, birds of prey, sharks and more. Additionally, there is also a range of great shows, exhibitions and even a 4D cinema. Zoomarine is a one of a kind in the area and is the perfect place for families.

Horseback Tours At The Holistic Riding Center

There are a number of tours to choose from to accommodate various interests across the region and each will be very enjoyable. The Holistic Riding Center, however, offers something different from the others. The founder is from Germany and is greatly focused on the well-being of the horses and in visitors experiencing what he calls holistic riding. To accomplish this he uses relaxation techniques and meditation along with a deep understanding of the center’s horses. Mr. Endries’ guarantees that participants will have an eye-opening experience and one they will likely remember for years to come.

Take A Tour On A Pirate Ship

Dreamwave is a local company that offers an experience different from other boat tours. It gives a trip on a wooden pirate ship. This tour will set sail at Albufeira and the tour will include seeing incredible rock formations and a fishing village that has no harbor.  It will stop in a lovely place to allow participants to swim or take part in a barbecue. Anyone wanting to have an original experience in Algarve will likely find this quite enjoyable.

Experience TheAlbufeira Bar Crawl

Although many people will think of the area as being a family destination, it’s also a premium party spot for young Europeans. One of the most intense nights out you can experience in Portugal is at this bar. The Albufeira Rocks is the organization that runs it and they provide free shots and other drinks along with drinking games and other entertainment that will provide an unforgettable night out. They also have weekly boat parties.

Tour Quinta do Frances Vineyard

The northern Port houses are considered the best known Vineyards in Portugal and these are mostly founded by the British. But the Algarve has something a bit different to offer travelers. One of the best of these is Quinta do Frances which is located near Silves and visitors can visit cellars and try its local liquors. It gives the tourists an opportunity to flavor local produce and they will find the staff to be very accommodating.

The Moorish Castle

Located in Silves is one of the countries best preserved forts. This is considered a National monument in Portugal. Historians believe this to be an ancient fort built by Lusitanian tribesmen before being occupied by the Romans. This fort was considered a stronghold and was therefore occupied by the Romans, Visigothic, Moorish, as well as Christians and was eventually controlled by King Alfonso the third in the 13th century.  When you take part in the tour of the castle you will be able to enjoy fabulous views as well as a chance to enjoy Iberian history all set in stone.

Quad-Biking In Quad Ventura

Another way to enjoy the area is to take a quad bike tour. You’ll be provided with safety training and it can be adjusted to accommodate your level of experience. This tour is specifically to help participants enjoy some of the unspoiled landscapes of the area and some of the spectacular skylines. You will be able to experience the olive groves and orange groves as well as other local vegetation. This is a tour that combines the opportunity to have adventure while enjoying the beauty found in the area. Those who are seeking ways to combine these two opportunities will likely feel this is the best way to do so.