Exploring The Hidden Sights Of Providenciales

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Providenciales, also known as Provo, is the most populated of the Turks and Caicos islands and is renowned for many of its sights and attractions, especially the famously gorgeous Grace Bay Beach, Turtle Cove, and Sapodilla Bay.

As much as these locations are famed for good reason, they certainly don’t encompass everything the island has to offer. Providenciales has many, many lesser known – but equally delightful – sights to take in.

We spoke to Providenciales boutique resort, Beach House, who said: “Many of our guests come to see the more well-known sights in Providenciales, but we find that they’re often surprised to see the many hidden treasures that the island has to offer.”

“Providenciales, and Turks and Caicos as a whole, actually offer a really diverse range of sights, attractions, and activities for locals and visitors to enjoy.”

With all this in mind, we’ve put together a list of a few hidden sights in Providenciales so that you can explore the gems of this wonderful island.

Caicos Conch Farm

As the world’s only commercial conch farm, Caicos Conch Farm is certainly a sight to behold. A visit to the farm will have you see how this staple in Turks and Caicos cuisine is bred and reared and you can even hold a conch as well!

Not only is this attraction fascinating, it’s also beautiful to see the life cycle of the creature that is such an important part of Turks and Caicos life.

Jojo the Dolphin

Many visitors to Turks and Caicos don’t know about the country’s favourite mascot… Jojo the dolphin! He’s a wild Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin who was declared a Turks and Caicos national treasure in 1989 by the Turks and Caicos Islands’ Government.

Jojo is particularly special as he’s one of very few wild dolphins that voluntarily interact with humans and, although seeing him is never a guarantee, it’s likely that you’ll spot him swimming in the Grace Bay Beach and in the cays to the East of Providenciales.

He’s quite easy to find because, sadly, he’s been in a fair few jet ski accidents which have resulted in noticeable scarring on his back. It’s always a real treat to see Jojo, but try not to approach or touch him as he may see that as an aggressive act.

The Hole

This naturally-formed 60 ft deep sinkhole situated near Long Bay Canal is an incredible sight, especially for those with a keen interest in geography. It was created by the Karst Process, which is a slow process involving slightly acidic rain dissolving limestone, producing carbonic acid, resulting in the same process being repeated.

Although The Hole is a great place to visit, please be warned that there are no designated paths or guarding rails surrounding it, so visitors, especially those with children, should take extra care.

Again, these are just a few of the hidden sights that Providenciales has to offer, to find out more about what you can see and do on the island, have a look through this list by Visit TCI.